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Torrone Sebaste is synonymous with celebration and has always been present in the larders of the Langa families.

Its history, linked to the territory and the industriousness of its inhabitants, began in the second half of the 1800s with Giuseppe Sebaste and passing through the heirs Oreste and Dario, has now reached the fifth generation.

The Shop

Antica Torroneria Shop is located in Gallo Grinzane, adjacent to the company and not far from the castle of the same name which was the home of Camillo Benso di Cavour.

Here you can buy the classic IGP Piedmont hazelnut-based products, the different types of nougat and truffles and the numerous delicacies on offer.

Barbara Venturini, assisted by the family, takes care of the reception, tastings and sales accompanying guests and tourists to discover the artisan workshop.

Antica Torroneria Piemontese - Foto Storica

A story that
begins in 1885

in Grinzane Cavour

It was Giuseppe Sebaste, born in 1861, an apprentice at a pastry shop in Alba to guess the potential of nougat.

The nougat was at the time a typicality closely linked to the regions of southern Italy.

Almonds, difficult to find in Piedmont, were replaced by Langa hazelnuts: it is the origin of the sfrisà nougat, not hard, but crumbly.

Specialization, capacity for innovation and local roots are the qualities that have allowed the company to successfully open up to the global market in respect of continuity and traditional recipes.

The company is now led by Matteo Rossi Sebaste and mother Egle who trace the company's future in the wake of the continuation of the family tradition of grandparents and great-grandparents.


Over time, the Sebaste family has rethought part of its production

At the Shop you can taste and buy a wide variety of Antica Torroneria Piemontese products, a precious line of the Sebaste brand: from classic simple or coated nougats to other forms of sweetness.

The following are therefore available: sweet truffles in different varieties, Cuneesi al Rhum, pralineries, hazelnut creams and jars of local artisan honey.

Do not miss the hazelnut cakes of the local producers of Barroero and Cerrato and the panettone of Albertengo, a great classic of the Christmas period.

During the Easter period, it is possible to buy the famous egg available in the classic 700 g formats, with wrapped wrapping, with a case or half an egg.

It is a nougat-based gourmet product covered in dark chocolate: a product designed for adults that is able to delight even the little ones.

Tradition is a successful innovation

From the small artisan workshop, to itinerant vans with the unmistakable cockerel, to the counters at village fairs: Sebaste is now a worldwide recognized brand.

Visits & Tastings

The company visit takes place on Saturday and Sunday, while the production is inactive

The tour includes an introduction to the history of the company and a visit to some production departments.

The visitor will then discover how nougat, sweet truffles and chocolate are born.

The visit ends at the Shop where you can taste and buy the products directly.

Types of visit

The basic tasting is free and includes: white and black truffles, soft or crumbly truffles.

You can choose a personalized tasting with products of your choice and price to be agreed.

The large parking lot adjacent to the company allows the reception of coaches.


max 50 people

Visit Duration




Tasting Price

Free Tasting

The Piedmont IGP hazelnut

The main ingredient of their products

Nougat is a dessert present for generations on the tables of Piedmontese families, it is associated with moments of celebration and is linked to Christmas.

A dessert in itself poor, made with few ingredients including honey, hazelnuts, refined sugar.

The IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, chosen and used in the production of Sebaste delicacies, are purchased from small local farmers and are synonymous with quality.

Once arrived in the company they are shelled, selected and toasted with the traditional hot air system only at the moment of use.

A slow and constant processing that varies according to the seasons and the product according to the tradition of manual labor with slow cooking in a water bath.

The homeland of hazelnuts

Piedmont, in which the IGP Piedmont Hazelnut originates, is a region that boasts five sites registered in UNESCO as a testimony to the integration of man with the territory while maintaining its characteristics unchanged.

Prices & Services

At the store you can buy products, bags and pack baskets for all occasions

The classic Antica Torroneria Piemontese products

Nougat: 32.00 € / kilo

Pralines: 32.00 € / kilo

Bags are created with mixed products of your choice and Christmas packages and it is also possible to ship the products to the chosen destination.

Types of visit

You can choose between two types of tasting:

  • free - including tasting of white and black truffles, soft or crumbly nougats
  • personalized - with products of your choice and price to be agreed

In both cases, a visit to the laboratory is scheduled.


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Antica Torroneria Piemontese Shop

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