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The Tale of the Shoe

January 26, 2011
Il racconto della masca scarpa

This happened in Verduno around 35 years ago.

A man was comin home from the tavern. Once he was outside the center of the town, he noticed that one of his shoes was missing, and he got scared when he saw that the shoe was following him.

He tried to take it, but the shoe moved from side to side and he couldn’t catch it. He walked on, scared, with the shoe behind him. The following morning he found the shoe in front of the door and finally could wear it.

This happened to the bus driver’s sister. When she got married, she moved to Rivoli, in a family where strange things had already happened. After a year, she had a baby: Franco.

One summer afternoon she put him to bed at the first floor. After an hour the child woke up and she ran upstairs to him. When she was about to come down the stairs holding the child, she suddenly found herself at the bottom, without having walked a single step.

This had been made by a cousin of that family who was a masca.

Taken from: D. Bosca, B. Murialdo, L. Carbone – Racconti di Masche – Famija Albeisa 1979

Photo by Bruno Murialdo (