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The 2015 grape harvest: a 5 star vintage

October 7, 2015

The 2015 harvest has come to an end and the first conclusions are being drawn in the cellars. No doubt about it, everyone agrees in stating that this was an exceptional and truly remarkable harvest.

The climate throughout the year contributed to the growth and maturation of the grapes. Starting from winter, there was just the right amount of snow, followed by spring which brought the right amount of rainfall necessary for the growth of the grapevines.

A perfect climate for the vineyards

Vendemmia 2015 Borgogno

The harvest at Cantina Borgogno, Barolo.

During these first days of autumn we remember, perhaps with a bit of nostalgia, the long hot summer, which allowed the grapes to ripen not only well but also in advance.

So in advance that “we hadn’t harvested so early in the Langhe for over a decade”, says Silvia from the Francesco Borgogno winery.

The rain too played a fundamental role, coming at the right time, never excessive or too abundant, useful to refresh the grapes yet never harm them.

Those who were in the Langhe in recent months may have noticed that the vineyards were more lush and green than usual. In fact, not surprisingly, the producers chose to leave more vegetation on the plants to protect the grapes from the hot summer sun.

Exceptional quality grapes

vendemmia borgogno

The harvest at Cantina Borgogno, Barolo.

All the grape types, without any exception, at first glance seemed exceptional. Large grapes, compact bunches, a good color, healthy and above all a good taste.

The Dolcetti

The grape type that surprised producers the most is the Dolcetto: it had been years since we’d seen bunches like these. Claudio from Cascina Gramolere called them “from yesteryear”.

Normally this variety produces small, not very compact bunches. This year however the Dolcetto brought out its best, producing rich and full-bodied fruits, which as Silvia Abbona from Cà Neuva says, are a “feast for the eyes”.

The Nebbioli

Based on the initial chemical analysis it appears to be a vintage with a high alcohol content because of the high concentration of sugars, especially for the Barolo.

The only sour note is the reduced quantity of grapes. The vines have produced less clusters than past vintages, as well as all the fruit trees in general.

But of course this benefits the quality of the grapes and, consequently, of the wines, especially for the important aging reds: Barolo and Barbaresco.

Fabrizio from Sylla Sebaste is certain of the success of this year’s harvest, “so get ready: the 2015 vintage will be remembered as one of the best vintages in the last thirty years!”

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