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DOC Langhe Rosso Barilin 2009 La Querciola

February 28, 2013

Among the wines produced by the winery La Querciola, we find a very interesting Langhe Rosso 2009 DOC Barilin.

Even if, according to the production disciplinary, several grape varieties can be used for assembling this wine, the winery has decided to use Barbera in purity.

Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks and the maceration on the skins lasts 15-20 days in order to extract colour and structure.

After the malolactic fermentation, the wine ages one year in 5 hl tonneaux where it absorbs elements from the wood: ellagic tannins, phenolic aldehydes, lactones and phenolic acids.

The barrel not only coveys the wine clear notes of vanilla, toasted wood and coconut but let also oxygen enter through the staves slowly, thus allowing a process of micro-oxygenation and the tannins polymerization.

In the glass it shows a deep ruby red colour and an intense bouquet with notes of ripe red fruits, cherry and soft fruits and delicate spicy hints because of the aging in barrel. The palate is dry but full bodied with soft tannins, that convey a good structure, well balanced by the typical acidity of the Barbera.

It is an all-course wine, perfect if served with salami-starters, stuffed pasta or risotto, white and red meats such as beef stew but also with cheese like Gorgonzola or Castelmagno.

Serving temperature:16 °C