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Barolo Margheria 2006

February 22, 2013

There is nothing better than a dinner among close friends combined with good wine and food.

On the table I have served the Barolo Margheria 2006, from the Gabutti Boasso wine farm of Serralunga d’Alba (Cuneo) and my guests really appreciated the choice. 

Known as the “king of wines” for its good structure and general complexity, it is vinified with Nebbiolo grapes in purity and presents an excellent variety of aromas and spices.

It is a red piedmontese wine of great personality, born with the noble Falletti family, the Marqueses of Barolo (a small village on the Langhe hills, in the province of Cuneo) in the nineteenth century.

Aged in new oak barrels for three years, this elegant wine is known for its good longevity which allows it to improve over time even reaching 20/30 years.


Tasting notes

Red garnet in colour with delicate orange nuances, it appears quite thick in the glass, showing the typical “archs” due to the alcohol presence.

The fragrance is very fruity, ethereal and delicate at the same time. It reminds us of the small red fruits as blackberries and currants. The spices, due to the aging in barrels, are well recognized such as noce moscata, tobacco and leather which gives a pleasant smoked hint at the end.

The taste is intense and enveloping, warm (14 degrees of alcohol) and dry with a slighty bitter final. Tannis are very clear, which together with the acid and sapid components give this Barolo a good general balance.

Let’s serve it, after a decantation of at least 3 hours in its right “balloon” glass at the middle temperature of 18/20 degrees.

In spite of being always considered as a sipping wine, it comes difficult to me not to combine it to those tasty recipes from the piedmontese tradition based on red meat such as roasts, mixed boiled or its own braised!

An even more perfect combination is with game in general like fresh pasta “tagliolini” with hare sauce or a good boar stew with chestnuts and polenta.

…with this said, i have just one more thing left to wish you: Enjoy your tasting!