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DOCG Barbaresco 2008 Gemma

January 30, 2013

Barbaresco is a red DOCG wine made only from the Nebbiolo grape. Almost 3 million bottles per year are produced in the communes of Barbaresco, Treiso, Neive and some areas of San Rocco Seno d’Elvio.

It is subjected to an aging period of at least 2 years (one of them in oak or chestnut barrels) starting from the first day of the year that follows the harvesting. Being high in tannins, this wine can be good preserved for a lot of years, changing only its bouquet (from ripe fruits with spicy hints to the classical goudron with notes of leather, truffle and tobacco), but its class and elegance remain the same.

It is an international wine which is served in the best restaurants of New York and one of the best wines in Italy and in the world. Some people sense that Barbaresco is slightly more “feminine” than Barolo, because of its elegance and delicate aroma, event though it has the same structure and longevity.

The wine we are tasting today is Barbaresco 2008 Gemma, which is ruby red in colour with slight garnet reflexes. Its bouquet is elegant and aristocratic with notes of ripe red fruits, hints of flowers like violet and spices like green pepper and clove.

The taste is dry, warm and velvety, with a very good balance between tannins, acidity and alcohol and a long, persistent finish.

It can be paired with first courses such as tajarin with white truffle or with mushrooms or edible boletus, but it goes also well with roast meats, pot roast, game and aged cheeses.

Serving at 18 degrees.