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Barbaresco wine vintages: 1990 - 2000

September 21, 2011

1990 (majestic) Extraordinary vintage. Exciting and complex wine, with a good structure, balance and consistency, elegant scent;rich and wide, with a generous taste, harmonic and fine tannin level and persistent structure; remarkably long-lived.

1991 (balanced) Good vintage. Harmonic and elegant wine with a pleasantly balanced structure. Pleasant and delicate scent, on average persistent and dense, and a fresh and convincing taste.

1992 (balanced) Normal vintage. Vino Harmonic, elegant wine, of a good and pleasant stuff.Pleasant scent, con discretly e delicately persistent, and a sincere and tempting taste. Modest production.

1993 (elegant) Excellent vintage. Complete wine, with complex and intense scent, persistent and tempting. Generous structure, pleasant taste, balanced tannin level, remarkably persistent, long-lived.

1994 (balanced) Normal vintage. On average strong wine, pleasantly balanced and harmonic. Delicate and tempting scent; with pleasant structure and discretly persistent, fine tannin level. On average long-lived.

1995 (elegant) Excellent vintage. Balanced and strong structure. Wide, delicate, pleasant and intense scent; pleasantly high tannin level, harmonic, temptingly delicate, on average long-lived.

1996 (majestic) Very good vintage. Strong and complete, pleasant structure. Intensely and widely scented. Pleasant stuff; suitable for a long life.

1997 (majestic) Extraordinary vintage. Splendid wine, complex, with elegant structure, harmonic. Generous and complete taste, with an elegant tannin level, very harmonic and long-lived.

1998 (elegant) Very good vintage. Well balanced wine with a pleasant structure, of good stuff. Elegant scent, generous taste, with balanced tannin level and long-lived.

1999 (majestic) Extraordinary vintage. Complex and rich wine, with a good structure. Intensely and widely scented. Elegant, generous and complete taste, with harmonic tannin level; remarkably long-lived.

2000 (majestic) Very good vintage. Wine exceptionally elegant, with strong character and complex. Intense and suasive scent. Generous and pleasant taste, with a strong character, right tannin level, suitable for a long life.