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Nebbiolo d'Alba Colla DOC 2012 - Fabrizio Battaglino

September 12, 2011

Today we are about to taste an excellent red wine from Piedmont,

the Nebbiolo d’Alba Colla d.o.c., produced by Fabrizio Battaglino.

Grown on the Roero hills, in the province of Cuneo, this prestigious wine of ancient origin is red ruby intense in color with light garnet shadows which reveal to be strong in character.

It is vinified in purity (just using Nebbiolo grapes), it has a good basic structure due to the tannins and the degree of alcohol (14 degrees) that intesify each other, offering a pleasant softness on the palate.

Open the bottle at least half an hour before the tasting and be ready to savor the fruity, spicy and flowery notes that together give us deep sensations such as blackberries, currants, violet with a final hint of nutmeg and cocoa.

The taste is strong, because of the presence of tannins which ensure longevity. It is dry, persistent, warm and fruity with a bitter ending. There is a good balance among the acidity-tannins and flavor.

We can clearly say it is a full bodied and elegant wine.

Thanks to its strong structure we’d better combine it to tasty and rich recipes to let the food and wine exaulting each other.

Let’s try it with red meat roasts, boiled, game, stews (also cooked in wine) or with strong cow and goat cheese (such as the italian cheeses: toma, robiola, testun, castelmagno etc…), with cold cuts (garlic,donkey and wild boar salami) or with fresh pastas with cheese or ragù sauce or truffle risottos.

The right temperature to serve it is at 18-20C°.

Enjoy it!