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From Wine to Whiskey 7 Health Benefits of Alcohol

July 23, 2020

The topic of alcohol and its health benefits has always been a debate. That is because everyone tends to have their opinion, biased or honest concerning the subject.

However, over the years, it has become apparent that moderate alcohol consumption, especially wine or whiskey, can bring along a fair share of health advantages.

These claims come with multiple shreds of clinical evidence showcasing how a certain quantity of alcohol can help improve your health. If you are still in disbelief, here are seven surprising health benefits of alcohol.

#1 Whiskey Can Help with Your Memory

A glass of whiskey contains more than just rye, corn, and other malted grains. After maturation, the bottle ends up having a variety of antioxidants that can help boost your memory. The compounds amplify your cognitive functions, and that is why a glass of whiskey a week can be helpful.

What the antioxidants do is help facilitate blood circulation in your body. It also plays a role in keeping your brain healthy.

Those two functions end up enhancing different brain processes, therefore, boosting your memory. That is one of the whiskey benefits that you will enjoy so long as you don’t take the alcohol in excess. Furthermore, moderate whiskey consumption changes how you process and store information.

#2 Wine Can Help Keep Your Heart Healthy

The connection between wine and heart health is something wine connoisseurs can never stop talking about. Like whiskey, red wine contains antioxidants, whose presence in the body increases the availability of good cholesterol.

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By doing so, wine, especially pinot noir, may help curb heart diseases such as a coronary artery, which is one of the causes of heart attacks in humans. Red wine also strengthens the lining of your blood vessels, therefore, protecting them from any internal damage.

That is due to the presence of Resveratrol, a joint compound found on the skins of grapes used to make red wine. So at least sip a glass of wine before going to bed and enhance your heart health significantly.

#3 Wine Can Boost Women’s Libido and Heighten Sexual Function in Men

Once in a while, switch your favorite brandy cocktails with a glass of tasty wine. That is because taking wine in moderation helps erectile dysfunction in men and increases sex drive in women. The antioxidant compounds in red wine are good at upsurging testosterone levels.

They can also intensify the blood flow to the genital areas of women. Those two different actions can assist improve sexual health among partners. Note that several alcoholic beverages improve your sex life. However, none of them does it better than having a glass of red wine right before sex.

Furthermore, wine contains histamine, which is also excellent in boosting sex drive in both partners.

#4 Alcohol May Aid in Developing a Strong Immune System

Forget about chugging up bottles of alcohol for recreation and start taking liquor in moderation. The reason is that heavy drinkers risk their immune system, whereas those who take small quantities of liquor benefit their immune system in different ways.

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Research states that small amounts of alcohol in your body helps your immune system respond faster to vaccines. In addition to that, liquors like whiskey can also help your immune system fight illnesses like cough and cold. That means taking minimal amounts of whiskey in a day may reduce or soothe your itching throat.

#5 Alcohol May Help with Diabetes

Whiskey is a type of alcohol that, when taken in moderation, can bring about a myriad of health benefits. For instance, a study states that having a little of the Irish liquor may reduce your chances of developing diabetes by 40%.

The alcoholic drink helps your body balance insulin levels and lower your body’s blood sugar. However, if you surpass the required quantities, it will continue dropping your blood sugar to dangerous levels. Some of the best ways to enjoy alcohol so that it doesn’t affect you negatively is taking it with food or mixing it with diet soft drinks.

Also, make sure you don’t drink more than one type of alcohol in a day.

#6 White Wine Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss is a challenge that many people worldwide are facing. But then did you know that by taking a glass of your favorite white wine may help with your weight loss? These types of wines have phenols that are rich in antioxidants making them beneficial to human health.

White wines also have Resveratrol that helps in converting white fat to brown fat that is famous for burning calories. Moreover, drinking wines like a rose with food helps minimize hunger, therefore, keeping you from consuming food regularly.

The trick, however, is in the quantity of the kind of wine you drink. So make sure that you maintain smaller amounts for you to reap more benefits.

#7 Alcohol May Delay Dementia Onset

A study carried in Germany indicated that taking a small amount of liquor daily can help with dementia.

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It explained that people who take liquor moderately usually end up delaying their dementia onset by 60%—consuming little amounts of alcohol trigger a happy feeling, which helps with brain health. That is how your body manages to keep dementia at bay long enough. It is also one of the best ways to prevent Alzheimer’s.


From the information, it is evident that moderation is key when consuming any type of liquor. The body reacts differently when intoxicated compared to when you take small quantities of alcohol.

Moderate consumption may also help relieve stress, avert stroke, and achieve a better digestive system. You have to know the kind of liquor to take and how much to consume. That is for you to benefit from any of the above advantages.