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Barolo wine vintages: 1911-1950

August 22, 2011

1911 Good vintage. Very good wine, of good stuff, a bit hard.

1912 VERY GOOD VINTAGE. Very strong wine, of great stuff, with a strong and balanced scent.

1913 Normal vintage. Quite complete, velvety,strong wine.

1914 Normal vintage. Wine with a good character, and a fine scent.

1915 Bad vintage.

1916 Mediocre vintage. Meagre,acid wine, not intensely colored.

1917 VERY GOOD VINTAGE. Strong, complete wine, with an intense and fine scent

1918 Normal vintage. Vigorous wine, light but fine.

1919 VERY GOOD VINTAGE. Very fine, elegant, complete wine, with a very good and strong character.

1920 Good vintage. Strong and adequatly complete wine, strongly scented.

1921 Normal vintage. Wine with a good character, a fine scent, balanced.

1922 EXTRAORDINARY VINTAGE. Wine of great stuff, complete, balanced, intensely scented, suitable for an extraordinary long life.

1923 Normal vintage. Not very strong wine, though with a good character.

1924 Good vintage. On average strong wine, perfectly balanced.

1925 Excellent vintage. Complete, balanced wine, with a strong character.

1926 Mediocre vintage. Quite strong wine, though hard and disharmonious.

1927 VERY GOOD VINTAGE. Strongly scented, adequately strong wine, with remarkable character.

1928 Normal vintage. Adequatey winy, on average strong, quite fine wine.

1929 VERY GOOD VINTAGE. Poor harvest because of early hailstorms, complete, very strong, balanced wine.

1930 Normal vintage. Quite complete and velvety wine.

1931 EXTRAORDINARY VINTAGE. Velvety wine, with a very good and strong character, exceptionally complete and austere.

1932 Normal vintage. Slightly meagre wine, though fine and elegant.

1933 Bad vintage.

1934 VERY GOOD VINTAGE. Strong, complete, intensely scented wine.

1935 Mediocre vintage. Delicate, with a soft and fading scent.

1936 Normal vintage. Not too strong, but balanced wine.

1937 Good vintage. Quite strong, complete, velvety, fine wine.

1938 Normal vintage. On average strong wine, not strongly but elegantly scented.

1939 Bad vintage.

1940 Mediocre vintage. Weak, meagre, evanescent wine.

1941 Bad vintage.

1942 Normal vintage. Not strong but fine, elegant, velvety wine.

1943 Normal vintage. Quite complete and balanced wine.

1944 Bad vintage

1945 Good vintage. Strong, velvety, intensely scented wine.

1946 Normal vintage. Quite harmonic and elegant wine.

1947 EXTRAORDINARY VINTAGE. Complete, perfectly balancedwine, of pure breed and with a very strong character.

1948 Bad vintage.

1949 Mediocre vintage. Weak wine, with a plain character.

1950 Normal vintage. Quite light, winy, fine wine.