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Barbera d'Alba DOC Munbel 2013 - Fabrizio Battaglino

August 19, 2011

Barbera d’Alba d.o.c. Munbel 2013, from Fabrizio Battaglino, is a red piedmontese wine vinified only with Barbera grapes.

It has a deep ruby red colour with light garnet shades.

The bouquet is fine, full of perfumes, with a clear aroma of ripe red fruit and a hint of spices due to the barrel aging, such as the nutmeg.

Its taste is dry and full bodied (14 dregrees of alcohol), tannic with a cherry-soft fruit taste, and a nice bitter ending.

During the tasting we can immediately see Its acidity high level which characterized this grape, making it quite sour.

For this reason I suggest to taste it, at a temperature of 17-18 °C, after breathing it for at least half an hour, in order to help the acidity getting softer and more balanced.

But don’t we forget that acid wines have good degreaser properties that improve the combination with tasty, fat dishes.

Barbera is a “table wine” and can be perfectly combined it with many recipes rich in flavour such as cold cuts, roast beef, chicken salad, stuffed vegetables, middle aged cheese, fresh stuffed pasta, risottos, soups or, even better, try it with roasts, stews, grilled and boiled meat.