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Nebbiolo Langhe DOC 2013 - Francesco Borgogno

June 16, 2011

Nebbiolo is a fine red Italian wine from Piedmont, produced mainly in the Cuneo area (on the “Langhe and Roero” hills).
It is one of the oldest and most prestigious native wine (remember it also produces wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco). Generally It is vinified “in purity” that is using the same grapes (Nebbiolo).

Its name probably comes from the Italian word “nebbia” which means “fog”, as the Nebbiolo vineyards, in the “Langhe” areas, are usually surrounded by a deep and intense fog during the harvest at the end of October.

This is a very long-lived red wine that lends itself pefectly to the aging techniques (in barrels, for at least one year) which allow it, after some years, to achieve excellent results, enhancing the elegance and softness.

Borgogno Francesco offers us a very good and balanced Nebbiolo Langhe D.o.c., year 2013.

The color is deep ruby red with garnet nuances. Its fragrance is very delicate and full of floreal and fruity sensations (especially red fruits: black currant and black cherry). The taste is dry, warm (13%) and full-bodied, with the right amount of tannin which helps to give the Nebbiolo complexity and structure. That is why It is a perfect combination to tasty and succulent dishes made of red meat such as: roast, roastbeef, boiled meat, stew, braised meats and game; or even with fondue, “risottos”, fresh noodles, “ravioli”, goat-strong cheeses and cured meats as well.

Don’t forget that our aim is to allow the Nebbiolo and the food, we decide to combine with, to exalt each other.

As It is a full-bodied and structured wine, It’s essential (before the tasting) to open the bottle several hours before being served. If possible let the wine breathe in the “decanter” (the right wine jug) to allow the escape of flavours, aromas and the deposition of sediments.

Serve it at a middle temperature of 18-20C°.