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Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 2013 – F. Borgogno

June 16, 2011

Dolcetto is a red wine from Piedmont, exclusively made from Dolcetto grapes. Its italian meaning (that could be translated into “sweety”) probably comes from the sweetness of its grape and not from the wine itself, that is actually dry, not sweet. Another possibility is that it derives from the word “Dossetto” (= hill) because of the hilly ground in which it is grown.
Suitable for everyday use, it has to be drunk young (within one year after its production).

The Dolcetto of Alba D.o.c., 2013 produced in the Langhe area by Francesco Borgogno, has all the typical features that characterized this good wine such as the intense ruby color with purple shades, the fresh flavor that reminds us of the small red fruit (currants and cherries in particular) and the warm but dry taste.

It has also got a soft grassy fragrance and a salty flavor which help the wine to be full of character.

Dolcetto is a quite light easy drinking wine, adaptable to any situation, from the aperitif with cured meats and medium age cheese to the very complete meal.

The “Merenda Sinoira” (the famous afternoon snack that often substitutes the dinner in Piedmont) also seems to be the excellent set-up to taste Dolcetto.

We can then combine it to many dishes such as light appetizers (made of vegetables and meat), ham, salami, cheese, pastas, soups, risottos, baked or roasted vegetables and white/red meat (roasts or stews).

What is really important is not to cover the Dolcetto’s flavors with too fatty, tasty food.

We may serve it at an average temperature of about 16/17 °C.
Enjoy it!