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Barbera d'Alba DOC 2013 - Francesco Borgogno

June 6, 2011

Barbera d’Alba” is a red wine from Piedmont vinified only with Barbera grapes. It has always been considered a table wine because of its consistency. Nowadays winemaking techniques have improved a lot and have given the Barbera great success.

It’s a medium bodied wine with a quite high acidity level, typical of the grape. The fruity flavours have plum and cherry notes. Its spicy aromas derive from a 6 months barrel aging that give the wine flavors such as vanilla, green pepper and nutmeg. These aromas help to decrease the acidity, making it a well balanced wine.

Barbera goes very well in particular with meat dishes, starting from the appetizers, cured meats, roasted vegetables stuffed with meat; first courses such as fresh noodles with “ragù” (meat sauce), “ravioli” (fresh pasta filled with meat), risotto with leaks and sausage or pig/veal roasts, stews and mixed grill. It is also perfect if combined with semi mature cheese.

The Barbera d’Alba Doc, year 2013from Francesco Borgogno vineyards is deep ruby and clear in colour, with intense and pleasant winy bouquet characterized by floral, spicy and fruity traits (rose, vanilla, pepper and cherries).

The taste is dry and warm (13.5 degrees), quite fresh (acid) and slightly salty.

Even if its level of tannins isn’t so high, because of the brief stay in barrel, it appears to be a full-bodied wine.

To enhance the taste and flavors uncork the bottle a few minutes before tasting it and serve it at a temperature between 17-18 °C.