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A witch and away … on the wings of the imagination

April 29, 2011
Una masca e via...

The scary fantasies and images that populated the childhoods of many, today no longer seem frightening and have become a kind of game, even used to promote the territory.

Places, people, and situations collected from distant or recent memory, or inventions that give vent to the restlessness of the soul are the fabric with which the Arvangia Cultural Association continues to develop its promotional activity, dedicated to documenting the popular imagination of Piedmont.

A singular process of sociocultural metamorphosis has in recent years brought the “masche” [witches], “DOC” sorceresses of the Piedmont countryside, from the stake to a place of honor on TV and in debates, bachelor’s theses, and, in more than a few cases, touristic strategies. Arvangia, in Piedmont dialect, means revenge and what is now taking place can be considered a kind of moral repair after centuries of obscurantism, ignorance, and persecution. From this situation arose the idea to keep gathering testimony, stories of science fiction, the doings of spirits and hobgoblins, encounters with UFOs, voyages and escapes of the restless mind, external projections of fear or creation of disconcerting presences.


Photo by Bruno Murialdo (