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Dolcetto d'Alba Cascina Gramolere: tasting by Tablino

December 28, 2017

Let’s taste the Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 2016 by Claudio Pressenda along with Lorenzo Tablino, enologist and wine expert.

The vine

Dolcetto is a characteristic vine of the Langhe of very ancient origin. The first confirmed information dates back to the 1500s and it is said it spread from the lower Piedmont to the surrounding regions.

Let’s immediately clarify the mystery of the name: Dolcetto does not refer to the wine, rather to the fruit, whose berries are juicy and sweet. However, on the contrary, the wine is dry.

The terroir

The land where it is cultivated is in the Langhe; a land with a very high wine-making vocation, formed millions of years ago as a result of the sea level rising.

Monforte d’Alba represents an exclusive terroir, particularly ideal for the production of Barolo. In this land, which is also favorable for viticulture, the Dolcetto too has found its ideal habitat.

Processing at the winery

Claudio Pressenda, owner of the Cascina Gramolere company, cultivates his vines personally. His aim is to produce excellent quality grapes, because, as is often said in these parts, a great wine is made in the vineyard and not in the cellar.

The method used is integrated pest control, which allows wine production while fully respecting the environment.

The grapes are harvested on average in early September. They are hand-picked; step by step amongst the rows, so as to select the best bunches.

Claudio’s work in the cellar enhances the raw material through regular fermentation, short maceration and storage in stainless steel autoclaves.

Sensory analysis

Let’s together look at the characteristics of this Dolcetto d’Alba 2016; a great vintage which produced grapes that are nothing short of perfect.


The color is a magnificent and intense purplish red. This Dolcetto presents a perfect chromaticity, in both intensity and shade. In the glass it is quite inviting: viscosity, tears and clarity are practically perfect.


This is the wine’s most interesting aspect. To the nose, it is characterized by its aromas of sweet fruit, which derive from the vine and its alcoholic fermentation. The bouquet has hints of black cherries, currants and raspberries.

Over time, these notes will become more complex, reminiscent of ripe fruit and spices.

On a technical level, its scent is frank, of absolute intensity, great finesse and persistence.


In the mouth, one immediately feels the warmth of the alcohol: this is a balanced, dry and harmonious wine. The acidity is limited and the tannins are almost imperceptible.

Serving and pairing

Since it is a red wine, the ideal glass to use is an ISO, a wide glass. The ideal serving temperature is 16°C.

Dolcetto d’Alba is a versatile wine, ideal for the entire meal and easily paired. It goes well with all dishes, from appetizers to second courses.

In particular, it is ideal with cold cuts and pasta dishes such as tajarin (fettuccini), ravioli and risottos. It is also excellent with cheese and is great during the summer accompanied by grilled meat.

Generally speaking, it should be savored within the following year after the harvest; however, in this case, the Monforte soil gives it the requisites for up to 7-8 years aging in the cellar.

The Winery

Claudio e Carla Pressenda

Cascina Gramolere represents a typical company in the Langa: artisan production, family-run, small quantities and fantastic quality.

The owner, Claudio Pressenda, produces the territory’s typical red wines in the locality of Castelletto in Monforte d’Alba: Barolo, Dolcetto, Barbera.

You can buy Dolcetto d’Alba from Cascina Gramolere at ShopLanghe>>