The environment and truffle trees

The white truffle from Alba finds its perfect environment in oak tree woods, but it’s possible to find it on river banks, or near streams, where there are willow trees and poplars. Sometimes it can be found near linden trees.

Of course, it needs the right ground to grow: a calcareous one would be perfect, but tlso a calcareous-clayey with silica is fine. Truffles rarely grow in places higher than 600 meters on sea level.

But the truth is that truffles are unpredictable: they will grow anywhere there are the roots of trees thay can cling to, even in vineyards. Humid and green soils, not too sunny, are the most suitable anyway.

The province of Cuneo is rich of these soils, that welcome the growth of truffles. It’s more or less placed along the highway Torino-Savona, all the way up to Ceva, and the river Tanaro, to the province of Imperia. Typical and precious are the hills of Roero, the Langhe around Alba and Mondovì and the Cebano area.

The suitable plants for truffle growth are:

  • oaks
  • lindens
  • poplars
  • wild and domestic willow trees
  • “gure”
  • wild hazelnut trees
  • elders
  • “sanguin” (symbiotically attached to other plants’ roots)
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