The Bross

June 18, 2011


  • Tome (goat and sheep cheese)
  • 3 glasses of water

What to prepare

  • A grater
  • a terracotta bowl
  • a wooden spoon
  • a linen cloth


Four nice tome (made with goat and sheep milk) must be grated in a topina (small terracotta container). Add three glasses of water and blend well (with a wooden spoon).

Cover with a cloth, and fix the cloth with a string so it doesn’t move. Hang it on the balcony, facing the sun sole, but making sure it is sheltered (in the farms they used to put it – and still do- “n’ sla lobia” -a long balcony-).

Keep an eye on it day after day. Every night take it back in the house (the cold damages fermentation) and if it tends to harden add a little bit of water.

Mix it everyday with a wooden spoon.

After three months it has finally become strong tasting. Start in July and the bross will be ready in September.

Preserve it in its original container (covered, but inside your house so it doesn’t get soiled). During the winter months you can spread it on bread (maybe a hot browned crouton).