Oil seasoning

June 18, 2011
Oil seasoning


  • Siulot (green onions)
  • aièt (garlic)
  • tomatiche (tomatoes)
  • seleri (celery)
  • fnuin (fennels)
  • ravanin (radish)
  • greens
  • oil
  • salt

What to prepare

  • a bowl
  • forks
  • knives


A refreshing “bagna” for the summer months.

Coming from the vegetable gardens of Vaccheria or from the ones in our back yard are siulòt, aièt, tomatiche, seleri, fnuin, ravanin and all other delicious greens.

All you must have is strong tasting oil, as the one that was commercialized on the salt roads on the mule tracks. To each his own bowl and then all to… “Bagnè ‘nt l’òli” (where the “bagna” is only oil and salt, no vinegar, lemon or pepper).

Once, long ago, it was served in an only bowl just as for the “bagna cauda”. All there was to do was add more oil to the bowl and that was it.

Surely they could have made a good salad; but it would have been so different… so ordinary, less enjoyable and less frugal.

On the other hand, having all dip together from the same bowl (during the winter months in the cellar and kitchen besides the chimney, or with the “bagna cauda” in summer right in the garden under the “tòpia” (pergola) with the oil bowl) made families get together emphasizing the sense of kinship in which strangers were excluded.

The true genuineness of life in the countryside.