Cella Monte — Cinque Quinti

Easter, let's have lunch together!

Spend Easter in the hills of Monferrato with two different menus from the food truck of Il Vetusto Monferrato and wine and drinks from I Cinque Quinti

from Monday

01 April 2024

at 10:00

to Monday

01 April 2024

at 19:00


Easter and Easter Monday in Cella Monte?

At Easter our doors have been open for several years, but this time we will not leave you alone on Easter Monday either.

Joining us on Monday will be Vetusto Monferrato , which will offer two different menus, while we will provide all our labels both by the glass and by the bottle for a relaxing and fun two days.

Menu 1

Beaten meat and artichoke salad 7.00 €

Peasant crostoni with roasted peppers and anchovies or soma ďaj 4.00 /5.00 €

Vitello tonnato all’antica maniera 6.00 €6.00

Muletta with artisan breadsticks 3.00 €

Grilled tomino cheese with honey and hazelnuts 5.00 € 5.00

Ribs cooked at low temperature with herb sauce € 9.00

Grilled Mandrogno cow salamis 8.00 €

BB Burger our loaf of bread served with mixed boiled meat and bath 9,00 €

Panna cotta 4,00 €

Chocolate salami 4.00 €

Menu 2

Field Herb Friciulin with Lime Mayonnaise 5.00 € 5.00

Pasqualina Cake 5.00 €

Russian salad 3.00 €

Tomini or green tongue 3.00 €

Battered squash blossoms 5.00 €5.00

Rustic fries 4.00 €

Wine by the glass

Roverò €7.00

Carisa 5.00 €.

Soloist 5.00 €

ël Fòl 5.00 €

Austin 7.00 €.

Shadow 5.00 €5.00

Mariulin 5.00 €

Daedalus 5.00 €

Bottled wine

Roverò 26.50 €.

Carisa €18.50

Soloist 21.00 €

ël Fòl 22.00 €.

Austin 28.00 €28.00

Shadow 20.50 €

Mariulin 19.50 €

Daedalus 21.00 €.

Reservations are required and will allow you to reserve a table for one or more people.

On the spot you will then choose what to eat by serving yourself directly to the food truck, while we will take care of the wine/drink service directly at the table.

The opening time of the location will always be 10:00 → 19:00.

Organized by

Cinque Quinti


01 April 2024

at 10:00


01 April 2024

at 19:00

How to participate

Reservation online or by calling us at +39 379 140 9381

On-site payment based on what is consumed.

Indirizzo: Cinque Quinti (Vino e Infernot in Monferrato) - Società Agricola F.lli Arditi SS, Via Dante Barbano, Cella Monte, AL, Italia

Cinque Quinti

Cinque Quinti (Vino e Infernot in Monferrato) - Società Agricola F.lli Arditi SS, Via Dante Barbano, Cella Monte, AL, Italia
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Cinque Quinti

Cinque Quinti nasce dalla passione di cinque fratelli, Fabrizio, Martina, Michele, Francesca e Mario, che hanno deciso di portare avanti l’azienda famigliare con un tocco fresco e innovativo. La sede è a Cella Monte, uno dei Borghi più Belli d'Italia nel cuore del Monferrato degli Infernot.