Torino — Ogr Turin

Giovanni Truppi vs Sibode Dj

An unusual friendly fistfight to the sound of notes in the ring of Italian music

from Thursday

04 April 2024

at 21:00

to Thursday

04 April 2024

at 00:00

They step into the ring for the first time against each other, (or for the first time together perhaps) Giovanni Truppi, in the right corner, a heavyweight of Italian songwriting, one who can deliver punches to the stomach like no one else, with his songs that leave cuts and deep lacerations.

And in the left corner Sibode Dj, the inventor ofelectro-bobalin, the lone sexy looper with beatbox, trumpet, keyboard and guitar.

Their bodies and music will compete by putting each other on the ropes, showing their muscles in 5 memorable rounds.

A dance like that of Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman, which will see them embracing at times, both looking for an opening to deliver a knockout hook to the audience with their own gloves dripping with sound and words. Seconds out!

After the first meeting held at Locomotiv in Bologna on December 14, 2023, the two artists decided to embark on this new musical journey together, ready to tread 5 stages that will be transformed into a ring for the occasion.

The first part of the show will feature Sibode Dj, who in addition to performing a solo repertoire, will join Giovanni Truppi and his band on trumpet.

Truppi’s band consists of Frankie Bellani (keyboards, synth), Giorgio Maria Condemi (guitars) and Stefano Tamborrino (drums).

The tour, organized by Ponderosa Music & Art, will start April 4 at the OGR in Turin and will continue on the 19th at the Latteria Molloy in Brescia, on the 21st at Largo in Rome, on May 1 at Piazza Maggiore in Bologna and then end on May 2 at the Teatro Bellini in Naples.

The tour is in collaboration with Antenna Music Factory.

For more info on the two protagonists visit here and here

Organized by

Ponderosa Music and Art


04 April 2024

at 21:00


04 April 2024

at 00:00

How to participate

Free admission

Opening doors

8:00 p.m. (entrance booked)
(Reserved entry guaranteed until 8:45 p.m., after this time the seat will be reallocated)

Beginning waiting list access

8:45 p.m.

Live start

9:30 pm


Indirizzo: OGR - Le Fucine, Corso Castelfidardo, Torino, TO, Italia

Ogr Turin

OGR - Le Fucine, Corso Castelfidardo, Torino, TO, Italia
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