Ceresole d’Alba — International Museum of Women Artists

Exhibition: Frida Kahlo. Life, Love, Images

A day dedicated to the Frida Kahlo exhibition, nature trekking, and theater and musical performances

from Saturday

09 March 2024

at 14:00

to Saturday

09 March 2024

at 19:00

frida kahlo - eventi

After the short winter break, MIDA reopens – International Museum of Women Artists with a new layout and the opening of the temporary exhibition entitled “Frida Kahlo – Life, Love, Images,” all surrounded by theatrical and musical entertainment and opportunities for an outdoor experience with soft trekking in the typical red lands of the area.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Saturday, March 9, 2024, a day under the banner of FRIDA loaded with initiatives at the International Museum of Women Artists in Ceresole d’Alba, located in the Church of Madonna dei Prati, 32A Artuffi Street.


Throughout the day, guided tours of the International Women Artists Museum.


2:00 to 4:30 pm, Trekking – Between Art and Nature – Afternoon in Pink in Ceresole d’Alba. with departure and arrival at the International Museum of Women Artists.

Accompanied by a nature guide will set off on a soft trek through the clay lands of the area, passing through the tench breeding fishponds, typical freshwater fish of these hills, and the Cascina Bonelli Oak Forest, all the way to MIDA, the International Museum of Women Artists.

For info on trekking costs and reservations:

Guided tours

At 3:30 p.m., opening of the temporary photo exhibition entitled “Frida Kahlo – Life, Love, Images.”

Through an important selection of period photographs and rare documents, it will be possible to relive, visually, the artist’s extraordinary life.

The exhibition will be located in the spaces adjacent to MUBATT – Museum of the Battle of Ceresole d’Alba in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 2 and will be open until May 5, 2024, during museum opening hours.

Next, we will move to the Town Hall of Ceresole d’Alba, where they will be placed in the town center Three plaques respectively dedicated to Iranian and Afghan women artists., forced to operate in the darkness of history and the indifference of the world, and to the memory of Francesca Alinovi, the promising art critic crushed in her youth by an unhealthy notion of love.

Specifically, they will be placed in the courtyard of the Municipal Palace at 14 Regina Margherita Street, adjacent to the already present five tiles bearing the names of important women artists who, with their experience, tell the story of “female” art at the international level and whose singular and unique stories can be known through a special QRcode.


At 5 p.m., at MIDA – International Museum of Women Artists – free theatrical intervention “Women and Art” by actress Monica Martinelli.

The monologue will take its cue from from Virginia Woolf’s well-known and ever timely essay: “A Room of One’s Own” published by the writer in 1929 after expounding its contents the previous year in two lectures given at the women’s colleges of Newnham and Girton (Cambridge University) entitled “Woman and the Novel.”

The writer questions-and questions the female audience in attendance-about the significance of the relationship between women and writing, plumbing the centuries to reconstruct the history of the absence — blatant yet silent — of women’s voices in culture, society, and art, and the consequences that such exclusion has entailed for women and for society itself.


At 6 p.m., musical intervention at the Ceresole d’Alba Parish Theater in Vittorio Emanuele II Square, where Sawa Kuninobu and Antonello Labanca, first violinist and double bassist, respectively, of the RAI National Symphony Orchestra, will perform an audience-friendly symphonic performance.

The initiative

The Municipality of Ceresole d’Alba, in collaboration with the International Museum of Women Artists and theAssociation Turismo in Langa, with contributions from Fondazione CRC and Fondazione CRT, is organizing a two-day event full of initiatives to promote awareness of the importance of supporting women in the arts and society .

These days will not only be dedicated to celebrating women regarding their contributions to society and culture, but also to women’s empowerment in the round.

Organized by

Turismo in Langa


09 March 2024

at 14:00


09 March 2024

at 19:00

How to participate

On site, it will be possible to purchase a ticket including admission to the museum, admission to the temporary photography exhibition dedicated to "Frida Kahlo - Life, Love, Images" and the musical intervention planned at the Parish Theater of Ceresole d'Alba, curated by Sawa Kuninobu and Antonello Labanca first violin and double bassist of the RAI National Symphony Orchestra (ticket cost: full price €10.00, reduced price €8.00 and special Museum Subscription €6.00).

Indirizzo: Chiesa della Madonna dei Prati, Via Artuffi, Ceresole Alba, CN, Italia

International Museum of Women Artists

Chiesa della Madonna dei Prati, Via Artuffi, Ceresole Alba, CN, Italia
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Turismo in Langa

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