Art and culture

Pinot Gallizio

October 15, 2012

Pinot Gallizio (1902-1964), a complex man with a contradictory personality, is – also thanks to its pure albese origins – an artist capable of sudden and violent passions.

After having studied herbalism and pharmacy, he later showed an interest in anthropology, ethnography, archaeology. On September 29th, 1955, the Danish Asger Jom, Pinot Gallizio founded in Alba the Experimental Laboratory of the International Imaginistic Bauhaus Movement, a place for work and to meet, a common house and the place where cultural and political provocations were thought and started.

Industrial painting (extreme freedom, the colors “shot” on the canvas, intentionally left under the rain, the sun and the wind), the “anti-mater cavern” (a visual, olfactory and musical artistic ambient), the “collision painting” (total covering of others’ paintings), the series called “La Gibigianna”, “Storia di Ipotenusa”, “Le notti di cristallo”, the black sculpture-paintings.

All these were the steps of a logical, though always surprising (and sometimes shocking) journey that has led Gallizio to being a worldwide known artist.