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Medieval Art: Macrino d'Alba

October 8, 2012
Il Macrino - Madonna con bambino e santi

Alba was native land of a painter, whose life was mysterious: Macrino d’ Alba, whose real name is Gian Giacomo Fava, lived between the fifteenth and sixteenth century. In its works the influence of the Lombardic school is obvious, above all of the Pinturicchio and the great Luca Signorelli (of which he was perhaps disciple). It operated above all in the city of Alba , but its paintings can be admired also in Turin, Rome, and above all in the Polittico of the Certosa in Pavia.

Burlaps near:

– the ” Shovel of Altar ” in the Church of Precious S. Giovanni in Alba

– the Parochial Church of Neviglie

– the Parochial Church of Santa Vittoria d’Alba

– the Communal Palace of Alba.