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Masche: Short Tales

January 26, 2011
Le masche

Once it was believed that those who talked about the masche would be hurt by them. This story happened once, as some people were at a friend’s.

As they were going, walking down the street, they were shatting. After a while a wonam started talking of the masche. As soon  as she had said a couple of words, she felt that something was pulling her hair, and she found herself in front of her house without having walked at all.

Some days later she died because of the great fright.

Once in Cortemilia a little girl was walking with her mother. They met an old lady who told the mother: “Oh, what a nice girl!” From that moment on the girl didn’t grow a single centimeter, and now that she’s old, she’s still as short as she was that day.

Taken from: D. Bosca, B. Murialdo, L. Carbone – Racconti di Masche – Famija Albeisa 1979

Photo by Bruno Murialdo (