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"La Masca" and the Four Childrens

January 26, 2011
La masca e i quattro bambini

In a family lived an old lady who was said to have special powers.

Her daughter-in-law had four children; every time that she went to town, the old lady used to hurt one of the children so bad that he would day.

The neighbours told once the young woman that every time she went out strange cries were heard. Once she poretended to go into town, but insterad she stayed out of the house.

After five minutes she saw the old masca light a fire, then take one child and put him on the fire. So the young woman ran into the house, called her husband and together they killed the masca.

Taken from: D. Bosca, B. Murialdo, L. Carbone – Racconti di Masche – Famija Albeisa 1979

Photo by Bruno Murialdo (