ALBA Underground: journey to the center of the city.

October 15, 2012

Every saturday and sunday: 7th october 2012 – 11st november 2012

From the time of Alba Pompeia (so they called the city over the centuries from Roman times), what is now the center has seen a succession of generations of cities one after another, in the same place.

The medieval city grew on the ruins of the Roman, the modern one took his place without deleting it altogether, and so on, until the present town, which without knowing it is shaped in the form of Alba Pompeia by urban features.

The last two thousand years of city history, a lot has remained in the belly of the underground city, a few feet beneath the streets and pavements, fragments of lost towns, and ancestors of today’s Alba, that make up the rich heritage of the Museum F. Eusebius, the Monumental Archaeological Path citizen and the many underground passages. The ancient temple, the theater and the Roman Forum, the first font and the medieval towers disappeared … come and discover the roots of the underground city in the company of a professional archaeologist

WHEN: Every saturday and sunday: 7th october 2012 – 11st november 2012

DURATION: hiking on trails and in the underground archaeological tour will last between an hour and an hour and a half. The path ends at the Museum Eusebius, where participants will have free admission, and can freely visit the 20 rooms of the archaeological collections and natural, and shows Ornamenta exhibition of jewelry and precious jewels female Cuneo, from prehistory to the High Middle Ages.

WHERE: The tourist route starts by the Office in Piazza Risorgimento n.2 – Alba (CN) at the times indicated. COST (inclusive of free admission to the Museum Eusebius):

  • For individuals without reservation: 10 €  for adults, free for children under 15
  • appointment for individuals, families and small groups (up to 15 persons): 8 € for adults, 6 € for those over 65, free for children under 15
  • Reservations for groups of 15 to 34 people: 7 € for adults, 5 € for  those over 65, free for children under 15 .

RESERVATIONS: Reservations are valid if submitted by the Friday previous to email or by SMS to +393397349949

DETAILS: +393397349949, or at the Alba Bra Langhe Roero Tourist Board: tel. +39017335833, fax +390173 63878

LIMITED NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Reservations are strongly recommended: the nature of paths visited the maximum number of participants per visit is 35, and each round of visits the minimum number of participants, however, is 15. The visits will take place in all weather conditions.