Wandering in Langa

The 2015 'Mangialonga'

July 9, 2015

So here we are, in the summer of 2015 talking about Mangialonga.

The Mangialonga is a cross between a walk and a picnic with some variations dictated by the organizer’s needs or the type of event being organized.

Normally the classic Mangialonga is a gastronomy-walk at eateries where you can taste the local producers’ delicacies and local wines, but above all it’s a day of celebration.

The Mangialonga, which take place all summer long, are just some of the culinary events that everyone’s been waiting for: gatherings with more and more people, including organizers; an alternative way to take advantage of what this land has to offer.

Food, wine, gatherings: this is the mangialonga spirit

It’s fantastic and fun to participate in the Mangialonga for several reasons: there’s a strong desire not to miss out on the long summer days and there’s always a group of fun-loving friends; you eat, drink, sing and get together without any fuss and of course… with the help of a few glasses of wine.

What do we like about the Mangialonga? First of all, it’s a great time to be had for everyone, including children and families; the locations are always changing, just like the dishes and wines. Initially participant’s were strictly local, but over the years some of these events have become regular appointments for fans and tourists who frequently come from abroad.

In the wake of this Italian event some others sprang up abroad such as the Route Gourmande in France. The organizers, who form part of the Brotherhood of Mangialonga group, every year organize appointments and privileged exchanges, especially with some countries like France, Germany and Switzerland.

No doubt the ”original” and oldest Mangialonga, which dates back to 1986, is the one that takes place in La Morra in August and attracts a growing number of people. It has been placed in the “Vie di fuga per il weekend” (Weekend Escape Routes) book by Fabio Bortolotti and Claudio Garosci, published by Vallardi.

If you want to find out more about the upcoming Langhe food and wine walks, you can read all the mangialonghe summer program here!

Photo credits: Mangialonga