Brachetto d’Acqui o Acqui DOCG

by Anna Savino (March 07, 2014)

If you really must… how to preserve leftover wine


Some of you may wonder why you would ever possibly need to preserve an open bottle of wine? Although having leftover wine may not happen frequently, it is still a good idea to be prepared just in case this tragic event shall ever occur! So the question lies; what is the best way to keep that […]

by Anna Savino (November 14, 2013)

To decant or not to decant?


This has been an ongoing wine debate even within my own family. My husband likes to think the wine needs hours to decant while others think that airing out a bottle throughout a long Italian dinner is plenty. Luckily there is some consensus amongst the wine experts concerning two major reasons to decant wine. For young tight wines […]

by Angelo Cassinelli (November 06, 2013)

Give your personalized discount coupon as a Christmas gift

Regala il tuo coupon di sconto personalizzato

ShopLanghe is the Market Place for the network. The products found in the on-line stores of wine and gastronomy producers that are part of the network are sold at the same prices on ShopLanghe as well. ShopLanghe offers everyone the possibility to give personalized discount coupons as a gift at no extra cost. How? […]

by Simone Tablino (February 28, 2013)

DOC Langhe Rosso Barilin 2009 La Querciola

Langhe Rosso Barilin DOC 2009

Among the wines produced by the winery La Querciola, we find a very interesting Langhe Rosso 2009 DOC with the name Barilin on the label. Even if, according to the production disciplinary, several grape varieties can be used for assembling this wine, the winery has decided to use Barbera in purity. Fermentation takes place in […]

by Giorgia Gamba (February 22, 2013)

Barolo Margheria 2006

Barolo-Margheria-2006-250x364 (1)

There is nothing better than a dinner among close friends combined with good wine and food. On the table I have served the Barolo Margheria 2006, from the Gabutti Boasso wine farm of Serralunga d’Alba (Cuneo) and my guests really appreciated the choice.  Known as the “king of wines” for its good structure and general […]

by (February 07, 2013)

The Barbaresco


Barbaresco is a town, but it is also a wine that have its origins in the centuries of history and in the work of men as Domizio Cavazza. Nowadays the Barbaresco is one of the four most important Italian wines, first to be recognized D.O.C.G. (Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin) in 1981. From 1966 it […]

by Simone Tablino (January 30, 2013)

DOCG Barbaresco 2008 Gemma

Barbaresco DOCG 2008 Gemma

Barbaresco is a red DOCG wine made only from the Nebbiolo grape. Almost 3 million bottles per year are produced in the communes of Barbaresco, Treiso, Neive and some areas of San Rocco Seno d’Elvio. It is subjected to an aging period of at least 2 years (one of them in oak or chestnut barrels) […]

by Massimo Martinelli (January 24, 2013)

The wine-tasting: hearing

udito e vino

What can be the relation between wine-testing and hearing? What help can hearing give us?

by (January 17, 2013)

The Barolo Chinato


It’s a product born into the backshop of chemistries and spicy grocers between the end of ‘800 and the start of ‘900 probably taking back and ancient habit spread into Langhe hills of using spicy wine as a medicament against some light illnesses. The idea of treating a noble wine as Barolo to a herboristic […]

by Massimo Martinelli (January 16, 2013)

The wine-tasting: sight


Wine-testing, its images and imagination, starts, continues and ends through the eyes. The art of drinking is also the art of seeing.

by Massimo Martinelli (January 09, 2013)

The wine-tasting: touch

Bottiglie coricate

Taste is the more “real”sense; in wine-testing, it’s the mouth that touches, the tongue on which the wine leaves different sensations: smooth or wrinkled, dry or sweet, sharp or velvety, soft or hard…

by Giorgia Gamba (January 03, 2013)

Dogliani D.o.c.g. 2006 – Bricco San Bernardo


To welcome the new year 2013 in a proper way I’ve decided to taste the Dogliani D.o.c.g. 2006 San Bernardo from the Bricco del Cucù wine farm, of Sciolla Dario in Bastia (Mondovì – Cn), a piedmontese delicious red wine with a really good structure and intensity of aromas which make it able to compete […]

by Simone Tablino (December 22, 2012)

DOC Langhe Rosso Chicchivello 2009

Langhe Rosso Chichivello 2009 DOC

The wine Langhe Rosso Chicchiviello 2009, produced by the winery La Querciola derives from the three most representative grape varieties in Piedmont: Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo. The grapes are different from each other: Dolcetto grapes are used to produce a young wine, the Barbera ones give us a coloured wine with a strong acidity and […]

by Massimo Martinelli (December 19, 2012)

The wine-tasting: taste

Grappoli di Nebbiolo

Taste reveals the mouth’s secrets.To drink is to swallow a liquid and to let it go from the mouth to the stomach. In technical tastings, the tester obviously doesn’t drink because it is enough for him to have a little sip and to keep it in the mouth and move it around, for to feel it quality