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Routes to the sea, from Bergolo to Prunetto on the Salt Route.

Unmissable hike in the scenic hills of Alta Langa along the Carretteschi trails

from Sunday

16 June 2024

at 10:00

to Sunday

16 June 2024

at 19:00

Unmissable hike in the scenic hills of Alta Langa along the Carretteschi trails:

…you climb the highest hill, on the ridge between the Bormida and Uzzone Valleys, and you just don’t understand whether it’s more the wild environment, more the exquisitely human care of a hamlet, or one and the other thing, that convinces you, that enraptures you, now fused, in harmony.

C. Patrone

Nature and art

The hills of wonders or the Scotland of the Langhe, this is how one could define the Bormida Valley area that follows the trail of ancient paths traveled in the past by horsemen, merchants and pilgrims.

Starting from Bergolo, the small “stone village,” we will walk on the outward journey along a trail that looks out to the Uzzone Valley, and winds through forests, scenic glades and ancient hamlets.

The territory was incorporated into the domains of the Marchesi Del Carretto. The powerful lineage of “aleramiche” origins controlled the communication routes that connected southern Piedmont to Liguria.

Loads of goods that came from or were destined for the ports of Liguria passed over these impervious paths for hundreds of years.

The strategic importance of the area can be read in the rich artistic evidence still visible: towers, castles and churches that we will get to know and visit along the way.

We will reach the territory of Prunetto to visit the ancient medieval settlement where, on a green esplanade overlooking the Bormida Valley, the outline of the striking castle built by the Del Carrettos of Pruney and the church of Madonna del Carmine stand out.

The church of very ancient origin preserves countless 15th-century frescoes inside.

Returning to Bergolo on the ridge trail, we will visit another historic site that bears witness to the strategic importance that these quiet hills represented in medieval times.

And after the hike Terre Alte offers: concert of the chorale in Bergolo “Forever young” organized as part of the European project “Year of Italian Roots” at the Stone Theater, free admission, or a delicious aperitif on the panoramic terrace of “The Lost Words”


Route length km 17.

Height difference mt 455.

Excursion of great interest: scenic, naturalistic and historical.

Hike led by hiking guide Piedmont Region – AIGAE with narration of the area.

Appropriate clothing and footwear recommended, packed lunch for short break.

In case of expected bad weather, contact Terre Alte or consult the website.


Meet at 09:45 a.m. at Bergolo (Cn) Via Roma 4 c/o Le Parole Perdute (for a fragrant breakfast) from Cortemilia S.p. 114 or Turin-Savona highway

Departure 10:00 am.

Packed lunch at picturesque location.

Return in the afternoon to the place of departure.

Organized by

Terre Alte Escursioni e Turismo


16 June 2024

at 10:00


16 June 2024

at 19:00

How to participate

15.00 € excursion (excluding tastings and consumptions if provided)

Free under age 12.

By applying for the Friendly Card (free of charge) for every 10 excursions you will be entitled to, 1 free.

Reservations for the excursion can be made to Terre Alte through the form on the website, WhatsApp or phone.

Indirizzo: Parole Perdute, Via Roma, Bergolo, CN, Italia

Rome Street

Parole Perdute, Via Roma, Bergolo, CN, Italia
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