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Giacomo Barbero: Open Doors at Vinum Winery

A first-generation Roero reality, created by the young producer in the footsteps of the past, but with a modern and sustainable footprint.

from Saturday

29 April 2023

at 10:00

to Monday

01 May 2023

at 18:00

On the occasion of Vinum visit a winery: producers tell you their story and let you taste their wines. The best way to fully enjoy the event and get to know small local realities.

The Barbero surname is well known in the Roero lands, as well as historically linked to the winemaking tradition.

Giacomo’s company, however, is a new one, certainly building on thepast experience of its predecessors, but with the intent to reinvent itself and follow its own path.

Located in Canale, the winery was established in 2015 with the young producer’s purchase of an initial 3-hectare vineyard in the town of Vezza d’Alba in the Valmaggiore area.

In 5 years, the winery has grown and made a name for itself in the local market, immediately presenting itself as a sustainable business that is attentive to the well-being of the land: still under construction, the winery in fact focuses on the use of renewable energy, as well as making use of increasingly less impactful techniques in vineyard work.

The tour: discovering the great wines of Roero

The winery is under construction, but Giacomo is ready to welcome you for a tour of the vineyard and product tasting.

Work in progress is promising, and as soon as possible the winery will open its doors with a tasting room for groups; for now, at any rate, the young producer ‘s presence and the tasting are worth the trip.

Visitors will be able to tour the “Montorino” Nebbiolo vineyard, a valuable mention listed on the Consortium’s portal.

At the end of the walk there will be a tasting, with a choice of three types:

  • Steel: the five wines aged in steel, Killa, Roero Arneis, Favorita, Barbera and Nebbiolo, paired with breadsticks, cold cuts and cheese → €15.00 per person
  • Wood: the three wines aged in wood: Barbera Superiore “Montorone,” Nebbiolo d’Alba “Valtassera,” Roero Riserva DOCG “Valmaggiore,” paired with breadsticks, cold cuts and cheeses → €15.00 per person
  • Gold: tasting of all 8 labels produced, paired with breadsticks, cold cuts and cheeses → €25 per person

Production wines

There are 6 labels produced to date, those of the great Roero classics.

Each of Giacomo Barbero’s wines has as its first goal the expression of the varietal characteristics and typical notes of Roero; for this reason, aging takes place in steel, except for the two superior wines.

Whites include Langhe Favorita and Roero Arneis, both fresh, drinkable wines perfect for an aperitif, a selection of appetizers or a seafood dish.

The reds, on the other hand, are Barbera d’Alba DOC, Langhe Nebbiolo DOC, Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC “Montorone” and Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC “Valtassera.”

Why make reservations?

Open Doors at the Winery is a much-loved initiative for all curious and passionate wine lovers. For this reason it is always a great success.

Given thehigh attendance at the event, we recommend making reservations at least one day in advance.

By making a reservation, the winery will be able to better manage your reception and you will avoid running the risk of not being able to be received.

Organized by

Giacomo Barbero


29 April 2023

at 10:00


01 May 2023

at 18:00

How to participate

Reservations are required to ensure reception.
Remember to report any food intolerances in advance.

Indirizzo: Fraz. San Defendente, 10 12043 Canale CN

Giacomo Barbero Farm

Fraz. San Defendente, 10 12043 Canale CN
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Giacomo Barbero

Situata a Canale, la cantina nasce nel 2015 con l’acquisto da parte del giovane produttore di una prima vigna di 3 ettari nel comune di Vezza d’Alba in località Valmaggiore.