— Aldo Marenco Farm

Aldo Marenco: Open cellar doors for Vinum

Aldo Marenco Farm is waiting to welcome you and give you a complete experience to learn about the winery, the land and its products

from Saturday

29 April 2023

at 10:00

to Monday

01 May 2023

at 19:00

Aldo Marenco - famiglia

On the occasion of Vinum visit a winery: producers tell you their story and let you taste their wines. The best way to fully enjoy the event and get to know small local realities.

Aldo Marenco wines share a strong connection with Piedmontese tradition and are produced on the more than 25 hectares of property, more than 10 of which are planted with vines, in a single body in Dogliani.

The idea behind the production is that “a good wine comes from a healthy vineyard.”

Hence the organic certification that has covered the entirety of the vineyards for almost 30 years now.

A rustic, homey setting with the excellent company of a born host.

Claudio loves his work in the vineyard, but at the same time he readily interrupts his duties to welcome visitors with enthusiasm.

Malleable to guests’ preferences, the innkeeper is happy to open up for tastings in the vineyard or small parties in the winery, and adheres to the municipality’s many initiatives, including the nightly “Enovago” event.

The visit usually begins with a walk through the vineyard, where the choices of organic farming and the various works are explained; from there we move to the winery for a tour of the various spaces, and then conclude with a tasting.

Types of tasting

As for wine tasting, there are three types to choose from:

3 wines → €9.00

Sampling of 3 wines of your choice, with breadsticks.

4 wines → €12.00

Tasting of 4 wines of your choice, with breadsticks.

cutting board → €15.00

Platter of local cured meats and cheeses (wines not included)

Why make reservations?

Open Doors at the Winery is a much-loved initiative for all curious and passionate wine lovers. For this reason it is always a great success.

Given thehigh attendance at the event, we recommend making reservations at least one day in advance.

By making a reservation, the winery will be able to better manage your reception and you will avoid running the risk of not being able to be received.

Organized by

Azienda Agricola Aldo Marenco


29 April 2023

at 10:00


01 May 2023

at 19:00

How to participate

Tasting price

9.00 € tasting of 3 wines of your choice, with breadsticks

12.00 € tasting of 4 wines of your choice, with breadsticks

15.00 € 15.00 board of local cold cuts and cheeses (wines excluded)

Indirizzo: Azienda Agricola Aldo Marenco, Borgata Pamparato, Dogliani, CN, Italia

Aldo Marenco Farm

Azienda Agricola Aldo Marenco, Borgata Pamparato, Dogliani, CN, Italia
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Azienda Agricola Aldo Marenco

In località Pamparato, sul crinale di una collina appena fuori Dogliani, svetta l'Azienda Agricola Aldo Marenco con un'apertura a 360° sulle valli circostanti. Claudio, attuale proprietario, tramuta lo spirito contadino dei suoi predecessori, già rispettoso e attento nei confronti della campagna, in una produzione biologica: nel 1991 l'azienda ottiene la certificazione Bioagricert. I vini prodotti sono quelli rappresentativi del territorio, dallo spirito genuino e conviviale, proprio come l'atmosfera che si respira in cantina.