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SensoVia combine taste and awareness

From lunch, to aperitif, to dinner, halfway between heaven and earth

Truly special locations that lend themselves to hosting gastronomic experiences based on local products, served according to your needs!

The vitality of the aperitif and the magic of a breathtaking view

If you want to experience something different from the usual, we organize, exclusively for you, a gluttonous moment in a special place.

Learn about the area through the products, their history and production, but most importantly try them combined.

The locations

Choose where to enjoy your experience at the gateway to Alta Langa:

  • the medieval tower*
  • the panoramic terrace
  • the deconsecrated little church
  • the garden
  • the cellar
  • the vineyard and the hazel grove

If you prefer to immerse yourself in nature, choose the trekking formula to be combined with a gastronomic proposal.

It is a 4-kilometer walk among vineyards, woods and hazel groves around Albaretto, which is also accessible by wheelchair or stroller.

In addition, you can choose each of our take-away experiences, with a personalized refrigerated bag.

*If you choose to have these experiences in the tower, there will be an additional charge of 3.00 € per person, which is equal to the cost of the accompanying entrance fee and will guarantee the exclusivity of the location.

The culinary proposals

The view is important, but so is eating well!

#1 Aperitivo del territorio

If you want to experience something different from the usual, this appetizer is for you.

  • Bottle of wine
  • Selection of local cheeses
  • Selection of cold cuts or vegetarian proposal
  • Rustic bread

25.00 € per person

#2 Birra tower

An immersive sensory experience dedicated to discovering thePiedmont origin of beer. Tasting will feature the blonde dedicated to the medieval tower of Albaretto, the result of a collaboration between LoveLanghe Tour and EDIT Turin Independent Brewery.

  • LoveLanghe Beer
  • Seasoned sausage
  • Bread and breadsticks

10.00 € per person

#2 Merenda

For a mouthwatering snack, choose this proposal!

  • Hazelnut cake
  • Paste di meliga
  • PGI Piedmont hazelnut cream in single-serving version
  • Homemade fruit juice

10.00 € per person

#3 Box colazione

To enjoy your sweet and savory snack.

  • Homemade fruit juice
  • Seasoned sausage
  • Tasting of local cheeses
  • Hazelnut cupcake
  • Piedmontese pastries

12.00 € per person

#4 Panin

“Un bicchiere di vino con un panino è la felicità” (a glass of wine with a sandwich is happiness) but it’s even better with a bottle!

  • Bottle of wine
  • Sandwich with local salami and tuma cheese
  • Sandwich with seasonal vegetables and local stracchino cheese
  • Piedmontese pastries

13.00 € per person

#5 Pranzo o cena leggera

Richer than an aperitif, less demanding than lunch or dinner, to give you a more complete overview of local products.

  • Bottle of wine
  • Red bruschetta
  • Vegetable appetizer
  • Selection of local cheeses
  • Selection of local cured meats
  • Rustic bread and flatbread
  • Piedmontese pastries

32.00 € per person

#6 La via del sale

The salt route offers the tasting of products belonging to the mercantile route of the same name, which in ancient times connected Liguria and Piedmont, thus originating a harmonious meeting of flavors and typical products.

  • Bottle of Alta Langa DOCG
  • Taggiasca olives in brine Olio Carli
  • Artichoke cream Olio Carli
  • Dried tomatoes Olio Carli
  • Crispy Focaccia in chunks Olio Carli
  • Classic Soft Macaroons Olio Carli
  • Selection of local cheeses
  • Rustic bread and flatbread
  • Small introductory pamphlet

40.00 €40.00 per person

#7 Lunch/dinner with private chef

A meal prepared by a local private chef: have you ever booked such an exclusive table? Let us pamper you and take home a magical memory!

  • Bottle of wine
  • Three courses of tradition
  • Dessert

200.00 € per person (min. 4 people. For lower number or special needs, price on request)

If you prefer to stay on the go

So that you don’t have the constraint of times and places, you can pick up your basket and consume it wherever and whenever you want!

Perhaps, you can stop for a moment and climb up the medieval tower before leaving again.

#1 Picnic da andé

A rich picnic to enjoy whenever and wherever you like!

  • Bottle of wine
  • Selection of cold cuts
  • Selection of cheeses
  • Red bruschetta
  • Vegetable appetizer
  • Hazelnut crackers
  • Desserts
  • Cooler bag included (each 2 people)

30.00 € per person

#3 Picnic da andé, versione cit

Your light appetizer, whenever and wherever you like!

  • Madernassa pear juice
  • Cured meat tasting
  • Tasting of local cheeses
  • Hazelnut crackers
  • Roasted hazelnuts
  • Desserts
  • Cooler bag included (each 2 people)

16.00 € per person

#4 Picnic Bottega Manera

The gourmet version of the traditional picnic, a super exclusive offering of products of the highest selection and quality.

  • Bottle of Metodo Classico Nebbione, aged a minimum of 40 months
  • Appetizers: traditional Russian salad, vitello tonnato
  • Selection of cured meats: Langa cooked salami, Lurisia 30-month aged raw ham, Piedmontese lard
  • Selection of cheeses: sweet Raschera, Toma del Margaro from artisanal alpine pasture, Blu Moncenisio
  • Spoon desserts
  • Rustic bread

47.00 € per person

#5 Tower bike

Discover Alta Langa by e-bike and experience on the go by being guided by experts.

You will be provided with an ad hoc itinerary and a visit to a hazelnut product workshop will be arranged for you. There is no shortage of tasting time.

At the end, you can admire the breathtaking view from the Albaretto tower during a tasty final aperitif.

70.00 € per person

The experiences available on the terrace

Our easiest and most straightforward suggestion, with a good glass and some appetizers to relax you for a moment.

These proposals are also available at the other locations, upon request, with dedicated pricing.

#1 Ciauné

Our fast and dynamic proposal: a meeting of simple and authentic knowledge.

  • Glass of local wine/beer LoveLanghe
  • Selection of local cheeses or cured meats

6.00 € per person

#2 Alta Langa orizzontale

A tasting to learn about Alta Langa through its iconic products.

  • Glass of classic method sparkling wine Alta Langa DOCG
  • Hazelnut crackers
  • Selection of artisanal cheeses from the area

15.00 € per person

#6 Al gusto panorama

A parallelism between taste and sight.

  • Tasting of Vermouth from Serralunga d’Alba
  • Hazelnut breadsticks
  • Selection of local cheeses or pastry products

15.00 € per person

La torre di Albaretto

A must-see location to appreciate the area from a breathtaking height and enjoy the panoramic view from a different perspective.

The spectacle is assured and unforgettable. The climb is challenging, and the moment the eyes are raised the breath breaks, the legs give up, and the words do not come out.

The view is so immense that it gives the feeling of being almost suspended, halfway between heaven and earth. A stepped path that amazes.

The tower consists of 112 steps between the external spiral staircase and the internal staircase, the last and very short section of which to access the terrace is rung, slightly sloping.

There are on-site toilets located on the ground floor and outside the tower.

The terrace at the top is open on 4 sides, and for safety reasons there are no umbrellas. Straw hats or blankets are provided; suitable clothing is recommended.

The 3.00 € ticket includes accompaniment to the tower and a brief introduction to the area. Autonomous ascent is free of charge.

Other useful information

Allergies or intolerances

Report any food allergies or intolerances at the time of booking, we will provide you with specific information about the presence of allergens in any food administered.

In some cases, due to objective needs, food and beverage trading, preparation and serving activities may involve the sharing of areas and utensils, so the possibility of food products coming into contact with others cannot be ruled out.


For groups of more than 10 people and in case of bad weather, experiences can take place inside a typical stone cellar or in a charming deconsecrated church.


€6 per Person


1h hours

A breathtaking view

The Tower of Albaretto

Aperitif, lunch, dinner or snack

Nibbling in company

For the discerning

The light lunch/dinner
  • A breathtaking view

    The Tower of Albaretto

    The keep that towers in the center of the houses overlooking the square and the parish church is what remains of a castle built by the Del Carretto lords and destroyed, it seems, in 1630.

  • Il picnic

    Aperitif, lunch, dinner or snack

    Nibbling in company

    On the tower, enjoying the good food typical of the Langa, just you and a few intimates: an experience to try, one that will be etched in your memory.

  • For the discerning

    The light lunch/dinner

    A meal prepared by local chefs: have you ever booked a table this exclusive and this high? Let us pamper you and take home a magical memory!