Hunting for the white truffle from Alba

An excursion amongst the Langa & Roero woods in search of the elusive mushroom.

Truffle Hunt

Pier Carlo Vacchina and his beloved tabui will make you live a unique experience.

Accompany the trifulau (expert truffle hunter) and his dog for a walk amongst the natural truffle grounds in Langa and Roero.

Among the beautiful UNESCO Hills, you’ll discover the truffle’s characteristics, history and the techniques on how to search for it (and find it)

And in the end, you can feel that inebriating feeling of victory, when the dog finally unearths the mysterious mushroom.

Searching for truffles in Langa

How the hunt is carried out

The hunt takes place during the day, in collaboration with the Associazione Trifulau Colline di Langa (Langa Hills Trifulau Association), between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

The real protagonist of the excursion is the dog, nicknamed Tabui in jargon, which sets the group’s pace, moving through the trees and sniffing at the base of the trunks.

After walking through the woods, often moving “back and forth”, the tabui is suddenly stricken by the scent at a precise point and starts to turn the earth over lightly to attract the trifualu’s attention.

The trifulau then comes along with his ‘sapin’ (small hoe) and delicately opens the hole where the dog began digging, he then pulls out the truffle with his hands causing an explosion of fragrance.

The truffe hunt is simulated, in the sense that the truffes are previously buried by the trifulau so as to give a demonstration of their work and that of the tabui (the truffle dog).

Since the hunt takes place in a natural truffle setting, we may also find truffles that haven’t been buried artificially, but that naturally grown on site.


Never trust those who say they will take you on a “real”, and not simulated, truffle hunt.

All paths and the search sites are jealously guarded by each trifulau, and is it highly unlikely they will let anyone else know their secret.


Below, you will find all the information about this wonderful experience.


Search periods

Black Truffle: all year round, except from 15th March to 15th May. Alba White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico): October, November and December.



The search takes place in one of this natural Tartufaia: Barolo, Neive or Trezzo Tinella. The trifulau will choose the location.


Hours and duration

Every day, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The search for truflles lasts roughly 1h /1h 30m, ma deve essere prenotata con qualche giorno di anticipo.


Spoken languages

In addition to Italian, you can request the interpreter and do the hunt in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian.


Prices (VAT included)

122€ for 2 people + 12€ per additional person. Children: free up to 10 years of age. Interpreter’s fee (if you need it): 122€.



Payment must be made when booking with paypal or credit card.

Walking through the woods in search of truffles, whether they be black or white, is one of the most intense emotional experiences that our region can offer.


Book the hunt

Fill out the form and leave for your experience. The booking confirmation e-mail will contain the name and address of the accompanying Trifulau and the meeting place.


Above 15 people it is advisable to divide the group.

Reservations must be made separately, filling in the form for each group.

Customer cancellations

When the cancellation occurs 10 days or more before the date of the experience, the entire amount paid will be returned.

From 9 to 3 days 50% will be returned, net of commission.

With less than 3 days notice, the full amount paid will be withheld.

Trifulau cancellation

For any reason (for example unfavorable weather conditions), it will result in a full refund of the amount paid.

More information

The delay of more than 30 minutes, compared to the defendant by the booking party, entails the cancellation of the search without any refund of the amount paid.

The truffles found during the research are the property of the accompanying trifulau.