Events in the Langhe

Events that celebrate Piedmontese food and wine culture, merging age-old traditions with innovation, in a calendar rich with events for every season.

In the cradle of some of Italy’s finest wines and gastronomic products, events unfold throughout the year, weaving a cultural fabric as rich as the soils that give life to esteemed vineyards and truffles.

Each season brings its distinctive events: from fairs dedicated to local cheeses like “Cheese”, to vibrant summer music festivals echoing through the vineyards.

Autumn is the time of greatest splendor when the harvest celebrations and the renowned truffle fairs attract gourmets from every corner of the world, offering them the chance to savor the local delicacies and immerse themselves in ancient agricultural traditions.

Alba White Truffle International Fair

The pinnacle event of the region, a global gathering of enthusiasts and the curious where culinary tradition meets excellence, amidst aromas, flavors, and historical reenactments

Events in the Langhe