Pralormo — Risorgimento Square

The lake path, the magic forest and Messer Tulip

A bucolic and gentle landscape, a romantic and silent lake, and the extraordinary blossoming of tulips in the park of Pralormo Castle: a trail with little elevation gain and much, much beauty

from Sunday

14 April 2024

at 10:00

to Sunday

14 April 2024

at 16:00

A bucolic and gentle landscape, a romantic and silent lake, and the extraordinary blossoming of tulips in the park of Pralormo Castle: a trail with little elevation gain and much, much beauty!

….The town of Pralormo lies on a hill situated in a transitional area between the extreme foothills of the Pianalto and the beginning of the Roero. The place name is a synthesis of two words “pratum ad ulmum,” a name probably invalidated by the Lombard tradition of planting plants (elms, oaks, etc.) at symbolic points in the town. ..

Theexcursion we propose has as its starting point the historic center of Pralormo and will make you discover or rediscover an area of great naturalistic value.
We will reach the site of the Spina Lake and follow its perimeter to enjoy the pleasant spring atmospheres and with a little luck we will be able to spot the ducks and herons that frequent the wetlands.
The reservoir was built at the behest of Count Carlo Beraudo of Pralormo Secretary of State for Interior Affairs and Marquis Carlo Emanuele Ferrero della Marmora.
The initial purpose of the dam, which still bars the small valley of the Rio Torto in the territory of the municipality of Pralormo, was to collect rainwater for use in irrigation.
Part of the territory we will pass through boasts the presence of striking oak-carpine groves that were part of a large lowland forest.
We will get to admire the delightful spring blooms of the undergrowth and breathe in a unique fairy-tale atmosphere.
We will visit the evocative and historic sites of the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Thorn and the Pillar of San Donato erected in the 16th century on the site of the ancient settlement of Pralormo.

Messer Tulip 24

On the way back to Pralormo we propose a visit to the Messer Tulip event.
Also this spring, in the beautiful noble estate located about thirty kilometers from Turin,

over 100,000 tulip flowers and daffodils will welcome with their bloom the beautiful season in the wonderful setting of the park designed in the 19th century by Xavier Kurten, court architect and author of the most important gardens of the Savoy residences.
On the occasion of the spring event, the new season of visits to the castle also begins again, offering two itineraries: one dedicated to daily life in an old mansion among cellars, kitchens, dining rooms and halls of honor, and one to the Count’s Train, a stunning period installation that occupies three halls
To enable everyone to spend a fun and peaceful day outdoors with the whole family, the park offers benches for resting, a cafeteria and an area for purchasing local products, gastronomic delights, plants, flowers and household items.
In the park, for four-legged friends, fresh water bowls and a real Dog Lounge.

Route of great natural, scenic and historical interest.

Recommended for: cheerful people, companies of friends, families with children 7 years and older (used to walking), singles and singles, couples…..and anyone who wants to spend a day outdoors, in good company


Meet at 9:45 a.m. at Piazza Risorgimento, 10040 Pralormo (To).
Departure 10:00 am.
Packed lunch on the romantic shores of the lake.


Trail length approx. 13.8 km.
Total elevation gain.
195 mt.
Route also suitable for walkers who do not like climbs too much.
Appropriate clothing and footwear recommended , packed lunch.
In case of expected bad weather, contact Terre Alte or consult the website.
Excursion with naturalist-tourist guide Piedmont Region accredited.
Insights and narration of the area.

Organized by

Terre Alte Escursioni e Turismo


14 April 2024

at 10:00


14 April 2024

at 16:00

How to participate


15.00 € (excluding entrance fees)
Free of charge under 12 years old
By applying for the Friendly Card (free of charge) for every 10 excursions you will be entitled to 1 free.
Excursion reservation can be made at Terre Alte by online (through the form on the website), WhatsApp or phone.

Messer Tulip Park and Event

8.00 € per Terre Alte group instead of 10 - priority entrance without queue.
Those who wish to participate in the guided tour of the Castle the additional cost is 8.00 € Terre Alte customers - entrance 4/16:30 pm
Messer Tulip reservation: memberships will be taken at the start.

Indirizzo: Pralormo, TO, Italia

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