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The Sound of Shells on the Hills Where the Sea Used to Be

On the occasion of the Easter holidays, an excursion to the hills of Roero and Langhe, to admire, listen and savor an area rich in beauty

from Saturday

30 March 2024

at 10:00

to Saturday

30 March 2024

at 16:30

On the occasion of the Easter holidays, Terre Alte offers an excursion to the hills of Roero and Langhe to admire, listen to and savor an area rich in scenic beauty, traditions and flavors

The Easter Eve hike and the Route.

The excursion we propose has as its starting point the charming historic center of Magliano Alfieri, specifically the site of the Baroque castle that belonged to the family of Asti playwright Vittorio Alfieri.

On the esplanade in front of the parish façade there is a spectacular view: at our feet the wide valley floor of the Tanaro River, in front of us the Langa of Barbaresco and other hills on the horizon.

After admiring this spectacular scenery and stopping at the Romantic Road area, our hike will take us along scenic ridges, fine vineyards and orchards to a very special place.

The Chalk Crystal Trail

We will walk along a particularly scenic trail characterized by the presence of numerous gypsum crystals dating back to the geological period defined as the Messinian: the numerous crystals sparkle in the sunlight like ancient jewels guarded for millions of years on these silent hills.

We will reach the first “soul place” of the day: the pillar of the Tall Woods.

The pylon, stands on a particularly scenic site near “Bric Cenciurio,” (an appellation known for the production of excellent wines) and represents a real crossroads.

Erected in homage to St. Grato, it expresses a devotion with rural connotations: in fact, the saint was invoked to commend himself to Heaven against hail and weather intemperance.

Easter Eve traditions

The Sound of Shells and the “places of the soul”

We will reach a place of exceptional beauty and tranquility: the small church of San Servasio, an emblematic “high place” recognizable from afar in the horizon of the Roero.

The “bric” on which the church stands dominates ancient paths and is a natural altar facing the vast forests that have always faced it and the immense views that open up especially to the west.

Here we might witness a special event: the sound of shells, a tradition rooted in the remote past that is revived every Saturday before Holy Easter.

We will return to Magliano crossing a landscape of great scenic beauty that in spring offers its most romantic and poetic guise.

At the end of the Terre Alte excursion, he recommends the following insights to cap off the day:

  • The visit to the castle of Magliano Alfieri with the part dedicated to the geological formation of gypsum and its use in the local area, and the Landscape Theater, which narrates, through emblematic and evocative objects of culture, documents and interactive multimedia systems, the hill and river landscape of the Langa and Roero.
  • A visit to the aristocratic chapel dedicated to the Holy Crucifix: the most interesting and richly painted room in the castle. (Free)
  • A glass of wine or a great ice cream at “La corte degli Alfieri” by Stefano Paganini

Landscape, history and traditions are the theme of this busy spring day exploring the most fascinating places in Roero


Meet at 9:45 a.m. at 6 Adele Alfieri Street Magliano, c/o Castle entrance (parking in the large pantalera square).

Departure 10:00 am.

Packed lunch break at the scenic site of San Servasio.

Return in the afternoon to Magliano.


Trail length approx. 14 km

Total elevation gain mt 405

Difficulty E (Hiking-Tourist)

Excursion with Piedmont Region nature-tourist guide accredited. AIGAE. Insights and storytelling about the area.

Hike led by tour guide, AIGAE environmental hiking guide, Piedmont Region with narration of the area.

Appropriate clothing and footwear recommended, packed lunch.

In case of expected bad weather, contact Terre Alte Escursioni.

Organized by

Terre Alte Escursioni e Turismo


30 March 2024

at 10:00


30 March 2024

at 16:30

How to participate

15.00 € excursion (excluding any consumptions)

Free under 12 years old

By applying for the Friendly Card (free of charge) for every 10 excursions you will be entitled to 1 free.

Reservations can be made via form on the website, WhatsApp or phone.

Indirizzo: Via Adele Alfieri, 6, 12050 Magliano Alfieri CN, Italia

6 Adele Alfieri Street

Via Adele Alfieri, 6, 12050 Magliano Alfieri CN, Italia
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