Magliano Alfieri — Gusto Lento Restaurant

Pizza pan tour

Friday night lace tour and wines from the Fabio Oberto Winery exclusively

from Friday

22 March 2024

at 19:30

to Friday

22 March 2024

at 22:00

giro pizza - eventi

Gusto Lento restaurant invites you to enjoy its Friday night pizza tour with exclusive wines from Fabio Oberto’s cellar.





4 cheeses

Cooked ham and Roccaverano robiola cheese

One drink of your choice of canned soft drink, 0.33 cl. beer, glass of wine from Az. Agricultural of Fabio Oberto

House dessert

Water and coffee

The local

Italy’s first patent of the short cycle of heliculture Restaurant & Learning Park: these are the two souls from which our family business is composed.

On the one hand you can taste traditional Piedmontese dishes, and on the other you can learn more about how they are grown and raised. In Magliano Alfieri, a stone’s throw from the Langhe.

Our pizzas are made with double leavening, this is a technique that if done well can create a softer and better leavened dough .

The double dough method is a recipe that involves a long rising time. The double processing leads to a lighter, dimpled end product with a fluffier texture (light understood as more digestible)

Organized by

Gusto Lento


22 March 2024

at 19:30


22 March 2024

at 22:00

How to participate

18.90 € all inclusive

Reservation recommended

Indirizzo: Gusto Lento Bistrot, Corso Guglielmo Marconi, Magliano Alfieri, CN, Italia

Gusto Lento Restaurant

Gusto Lento Bistrot, Corso Guglielmo Marconi, Magliano Alfieri, CN, Italia
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Gusto Lento

La nostra storia inizia molti anni fa, quando c’era il ristorante era l’unico protagonista ma aveva già ben chiaro i propri valori: prodotti delle zone circostanti e cresciuti con metodi naturali e nel rispetto dei tempi delle stagioni.Un’idea che al tempo era la quotidianità, ma oggi è rivoluzione. Così come lo è stato il brevetto del 2018.