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The Flowering of Tulips on the Castle Trail

Unmissable excursion to the Roero hills with sweet tastings, wine tasting and typical products

from Sunday

24 March 2024

at 10:00

to Sunday

24 March 2024

at 16:30


Unmissable excursion to the Roero hills in the territory of Priocca, Magliano Alfieri and Govone to discover romantic and scenic corners and the “Tulpani a Corte” festival.

A day dedicated to the amazing blooming of the wild tulips oculus solis with their flaming red color that, along with other colorful spring blooms, adorn the grounds of Govone Castle.

The territory, the route, the curiosities

The starting point of the excursion will be the village of Priocca, specifically the site of the neo-Gothic parish church of St. Stephen .

We will walk through the hills that have seen the development of settlements rooted in the Neolithic and ancient Roman periods and admire the delightful blossoms of the orchards that cover the hillsides overlooking the floodplain of the Tanaro River.

From the vantage point near Cascina Rocchetta the view sweeps over the hills of the Langa of Barbaresco, Moscato and the hills of Asti; descending on the valley floor path we will visit the interesting site of theancient mill of Magliano (on the Mill Trail).

For lunch break we will reach thevillage of Govone to enjoy a breathtaking view.

Tulips at Court

The Savoy Castle in Govone is hosting at the end of March a Event dedicated to the beautiful blooming of wild tulips (Tulipa oculus solis praecox Ten.) that spontaneously grow in the historic Castle Park; at this site, this endangered species, protected by a regional law, has found its ideal habitat.

The magnificent spectacle of the bloom has a very short duration, running out within ten days, and creating a scene of special beauty: the undergrowth is colored with the flaming red of wild tulips, the blue of periwinkles and the blue of muscari.

The Castle of Govone, long a favorite summer residence of King Charles Felix and Queen Maria Cristina of Savoy, has been recognized by UNESCO as an “artistic and cultural heritage of humanity” and included by the Piedmont Region in the “Crown of Savoy delights” circuit.

In this historic and charming setting, the beginning of spring is celebrated on this Sunday in March with romantic walks among the tulips, music, art exhibitions, guided tours of the castle, and ancient churches.

Sweet tastings, wine tastings and local products will enliven the day, which will also include lunch in the park by the local Pro Loco.

We will return to the starting point by crossing a bucolic, green valley where the “King’s Bridge” is located, the story of which we will tell.

A fascinating rendezvous in the Roero hills to savor the magical atmosphere of spring and visit truly special places!

Suitable for

Cheerful people, companies of friends, families with children 6 years and older (used to walking), singles and singles, couples…..e to all who wish to spend a Sunday outdoors and admire beautiful views.


Trail length about 14 km.

Total elevation gain mt 398.

Excursion with Piedmont Region nature-tourist guide accredited. AIGAE. Insights and storytelling about the area.

Appropriate clothing and footwear recommended, packed lunch.

In case of expected bad weather, contact Terre Alte.


Meet at 9:45 a.m. at Via Roma, 1 – c/o town hall, Priocca.

Departure 10:00 am.

Return to Priocca to cars in the afternoon.

Packed lunch break or/and opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes, by Proloco, excellent local wines in the small square at the foot of the Castle.


Organized by

Terre Alte Escursioni e Turismo


24 March 2024

at 10:00


24 March 2024

at 16:30

How to participate

15.00 € excursion (excluding conusmation)

Free under 12 years old

By applying for the Friendly Card (free of charge) for every 10 excursions you will be entitled to 1 free.

Reservations can be made via form on the website, WhatsApp or phone.

Indirizzo: Via Roma, 1, 12040 Priocca, CN, Italia

Rome Street, 1

Via Roma, 1, 12040 Priocca, CN, Italia
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