Novello — Monviso Square

Easter and the great views of Novello: from the Rising Sun to the Monviso Trail

A spectacular, scenic and scenic route that opens the eye beyond the hills of the Barolo Langa

from Sunday

31 March 2024

at 10:00

to Sunday

31 March 2024

at 16:30

Welcome Spring! A spectacular, scenic and scenic route that opens the gaze beyond the hills of the Barolo Langa, there in the West, where the Stone Giant dominates the horizon and where the Maritime Alps brush against the Apennines behind the Sea.

An Easter dayoutdoors and in good company.

The route begins in the historic center of Novello, an ancient terziere of the Marquis Del Carretto family, who controlled a large part of the territory from the height of their medieval castle.

After walking the Rising Sun Trail and admired the spectacular view of Monforte and the villages of the Langa del Barolo, we will begin to walk the San Nicola Rocks Trail through a quiet grove where we can admire the colorful spring blooms and proceeding westward we will have a chance to admire the valley carved by the Tanaro River, the foothill villages and the Alpine arc.

We will touch points of geological, historical, and scenic interest and return to Novello by walking a very scenic loop. We will consume our lunch break along the way at a picturesque place.

The Wines of the Territory and the White Queen

A pleasant convivial conclusion to the celebration of Easter.

After the hike, it is possible to refresh yourself and taste the excellent local wine at the Novello Municipal Winery or other very valid and nice places provided with a terrace. It is recommended, especially if the day is warm, to taste Nas-cetta, a white, fresh and pleasant wine typical of the area. At the start we will talk about it together!

Excursion of great interest: scenic, naturalistic, botanical, geological, historical.

Suitable for

Cheerful people, companies of friends, families with children aged 6 and under (used to walking), singles and singles, couples…..e to all who wish to spend a day outdoors and experience the romantic atmosphere of spring


Meet at 9:45 a.m. in Novello (Cn) Piazza Monviso.

Departure 10:00 am.

Packed lunch at picturesque location.


Trail length Approx. 14.8 km

Total elevation gain mt 405

Excursion with naturalistic-tourist guide Piedmont Region accredited. AIGAE. Insights and storytelling about the area.

Appropriate clothing and footwear recommended, packed lunch. In case of expected bad weather contact Terre Alte or consult the website.

Organized by

Terre Alte Escursioni e Turismo


31 March 2024

at 10:00


31 March 2024

at 16:30

How to participate

15.00 € excursion (excluding drinks if provided)

Free under 12 years old

By applying for the Friendly Card (free of charge) for every 10 excursions you will be entitled to 1 free.

Reservations can be made via form on the website, WhatsApp or phone.

Indirizzo: Piazza Monviso, Novello CN, Italia

Monviso Square

Piazza Monviso, Novello CN, Italia
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