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One of the most appreciated experiences by tourists during their stay in Langhe is the truffle search.

This activity is characterized by an almost symbiotic relationship between the seeker (trifolau) and his dog (tabui), which is decisive for finding the precious hypogeal fungus (trifula).

The interaction between the trifolau and the dog takes place with commands in the Piedmontese language.

The trifolau and Kelly

You can live this experience with the guidance of Massimiliano Bertello and his faithful Kelly.

You will be driven, in your own vehicle or his up to four people, between the UNESCO hills of the Langhe and Roero, in one of the four natural truffle lands.

Strengthened by the experience handed down from father to son, Massimiliano tells stories about the trifolao and the dog training, plus some curiosities and legends.

Everything revolves around the truffle: harvesting, cleaning, preservation and food pairings.

It’s an experience that needs to be lived with education, without disturbing the balance of the forest.

You will find all the informations and costs in the box on the bottom right.

The simulated research

The discovery of truffles is guaranteed since it’s a simulated research, though finding spontaneously matured truffles is not excluded.

The meeting point is directly agreed with Massimiliano.

Places of research: natural truffle field of Roddi (district Ravinali), Canale, La Morra (district Annunziata).

In case of unfavorable weather conditions and impracticable ground, the trifolau reserves the right to cancel the search.

The truffles found during the research are owned by the trifulao, but can be bought at the end of the research, following the weighing and the seasonal value.

The simulated search service is payable in cash. Credit cards can not be accepted at the moment.

Purchasing the truffles

Langhe Truffle offers the chance to buy safely the truffles of every season and variety.

There are the classic Alba White Truffle, the precious black truffle and the black summer truffle or Scorzone.

Depending on the season there are also the Bianchetto truffle or Marzolino and the Moscato black truffle.

Home delivery

The products purchased are shipped all over the world by courier, directly at home or at another address indicated on the order.


Business Hours

Always available with booking

Closing Day


Spoken Languages

English, Italiano, Français

Events at Langhe Truffle


Direct Sales

Accepted Payments

Visa / Cartasi Mastercard ATM / Bancomat

Informations & costs

Things to know before booking the search. The trifolau is available for any clarifications.

We recommend clothing suitable for hiking in the woods, boots. Animals are not allowed.

Spoken languages

Italian English French.
Interpreter on request: € 50.00.


From 9.00 to 19.00
Night search: from 10 to 00.00


About 1h30


Up to 4 people: € 80.00
Additional people: € 10.00 / person
Children up to 10 years: free.

Prices are VAT included.

The price is for two people, but it is not an exclusive experience: the trifulau can take the liberty of uniting more groups for the convenience of its schedules, and it is indeed possible that you’ll be accompanied by other curious people.

Business Hours

Always available with booking

Closing Day


Truffle and wine

With a notice of at least 48 hours, it is possible to combine the research with the visit and tasting in a winery from Langa or Roero.

The experience takes place at Cantina Malabaila in Canale or Costa di Bussia in Monforte d’Alba.

The research and tasting is anticipated by a non-binding walk through vineyards and hazel groves and a visit to the winery. It ends with the tasting of truffles combined with a typical dish of Piedmontese cuisine.

It is expected to taste three wines.

Cost: € 50.00, duration 3 hours.

The recommended period for tasting the Alba White Truffle is from September 21st to January 31st. The cost of grating this variety is to be evaluated by weight and on a seasonal basis.

Langhe Truffle

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