Alba Tartufi, in Montà d’Alba, offers typical products from the Langa and Roero region, all exclusively purchasable on-line.

You can choose either fresh truffles and/or special products: creams, oils and truffles condiments, sliced truffles or truffles soaked in brine.

Ugo Cauda, the company owner, organizes in person simulated truffle searching combined with tastings of typical local products.

The simulated Truffles hunt

Upon reaching the hunting point, Ugo Cauda will illustrate how the trifulau (truffles hunter) and his dog actually work, providing information about the area and the factors that favor the development of this underground mushroom.

And of course you’ll get to know how to clean a truffle and how to best pair it with food.

The search is called ‘simulated’ because truffles are hidden in advance and the hunt takes place in areas where this mushroom grows more easily.

The areas where the hunts take place are called ‘tartufaie‘ and it’s possible to find truffles that have matured spontaneously.

Usually the hunt for truffles takes place in the Santuario dei Piloni a Montà area, a site that is interesting both from a naturalistic and historical point of view.

Guided tastings

Upon request you can combine the simulated search with a guided tasting of typical local products.

The products available for tasting are: appetizers, truffle oil, flavored creams with truffles, truffle cream, a glass of local wine or soft drink.

Weather permitting, the tastings take place at the truffles search spot.

Purchases on-line

On the online store you can buy various types of this tuber.

You’ll find the classic White Truffle from Alba (Tuber Magnatum Pico), the prestigious black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) and the black summer Truffle, so-called Scorzone (Tuber Aestivum Vitt and Tuber Uncinatum).

Depending on the season you’ll also find the bianchetto Truffle, so called Marzolino, and the black muscat Truffle.

Home deliveries

All products purchased can be shipped anywhere in the world via courier, either directly to your home or any address on the order.

The fresh truffles are shipped via express courier, in specific packages that guarantee the product’s integrity right up to delivery. The order is carried out, with the exception of unforeseen circumstances, within 48 hours of order confirmation.

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Spoken Languages

English, Italiano, Français


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Use the form to order the following services as well:

  • Simulated hunt € 50,00 / person
  • Simulated truffles hunt + tasting: € 65,00 / person
  • only tasting: € 15,00 / person

What you should know when booking:

  • the simulated hunt takes place between October and December and lasts roughly an hour and a half
  • we recommend you wear clothing suitable for an excursion in the woods and boots
  • In the information request box please indicate
    • the type of service requested, or rather: simulated hunt, simulated hunt + tasting, tasting
    • date, time and number of participants
    • the languages available are: Italian, English and French
    • if an interpreter is needed for other languages (please specify language), the cost will be provided separately.

Alba Tartufi

12046 Montà, CN, Italia
Directions ↝

The Church of Saint Ponzio

SP241, 9, 12066 Monticello d'Alba CN, Italia
Discover ↝

The church of Santa Chiara

Chiesa Santa Chiara, Via Barbacana, Bra, CN, Italia
Discover ↝

The tower of Corneliano

Corneliano d'Alba, CN, Italia
Discover ↝

Castle of Govone

Castello di Govone, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Govone, CN, Italia
Discover ↝

By bicycle from Monticello to Bra

Monticello d'Alba, CN, Italia
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