Duchessa Margherita - Room

Duchessa Margherita

A charming and prestigious hotel in Vicoforte Mondovì, located inside the historic residence that bears the same name. At the Duchessa Margherita you’ll relive a regal atmosphere, surrounded by antiques and antique furniture, canopy beds and exclusive amenities.

The Mondovì funicular railway

Aside from being a picturesque city of arts and studies, situated near the Langhe and the Alps, Mondovì is also somewhat peculiar: it is distributed on several levels. At the top, we find the Piazza district, 559 meters ASL on the hill known as Monte Regale, the original core of the city, while located at the […]

Carrù: the castle

he building looks like a late Renaissance palace, as a result of the many restorings it has endured during the centuries (the last were in 1820 and 1864). Inside there are beautiful eighteenth-century paintings, a baroque room and fourteenth-century wooden ceilings.

Piazza Maggiore

All the streets in the town of Piazza lead to the big square: an asymmetric, original gothic square surrounded by a portico. It has a single baroque nave, with red columns, frames and wooden decorations, and frescos.

Igliano: the chapel of saint Sebastian

The little church of Saint Sebastian, built near a crossroad of old streets, is a typical rural chapel. Of modest dimensions and shape, without decorations on the facade, it’s entirely built in stone, ina wonderful panoramic position.

Bricco del Cucù

The Sciolla’s winery is unique for the type of wine that offers: Dolcetto grapes vinified in purity and assembled with Merlot, and for the extraordinary proposal of a private visit to one of the most important Gothic treasures of the region.

Castle of Cigliè

“Majestic is the sight of this building, standing tall between the simple houses you have to pass to reach it…” This description of an anonymous traveller in the Nineteenth century is perfect for the majestic medieval building dominating Ciglié. The castle, first owned in 1215 by Guglielmo dei Borghesi, was later – in 1454 – […]

St. Florence’s Chapel

The St. Florence’s Chapel is situated in Bastia Mondovì, along the old Salt Way. The chapel was built in the XII Century and was expanded in the XV Century, when more than an artist painted its frescoes.


Briaglia is also known as the seven hills village (bricco* del Conte, bricco Rovei, bricco Messino, bricco dei fiori, bricco della Guardia, bricco del Soldo, bricco dell’Olla): a charming hillside location that offers breathtaking views of the Alps and the plain. (*bricco – or bric in Piedmontese dialect – means Top of the Hill -t.n.) […]


Roascio is one of the smallest towns in the Langhe. Here you can admire traces of the galleries that belonged to the fort of Ceva, built in the XVI-XVII century for Carlo Emanuele II Savoia

Niella Tanaro

It stands on the Tanaro river, among smooth hills. The town is almopst interely built along one road, via XX settembre, where are the main commercial and economical activities. Niella’s ancient origins are remembered by the ruins of the medieval castle (XI century), once joined to the parich church of the Beata Maria Vergine Assunta […]


Mondovì, a town rich in art, history and studies. It has a scenic position, near the Langhe and Alpi and its highest part (Piazza) is surrounded by medieval walls


Little town situated in the Langa Monregalese. Among the hills there’s the parish church of saint Andrew, in which in its walls is included an ancient Roman rombstone


Artistically relevant are the majestic castle, that dominates the Tanaro valley, and the eighteenth-century parish church dedicated to saint Michael. Clavesana is an important wine-making town, and is currently rediscovering its touristical potentials, thanks to the truffles and hazelnuts. The most important happening is the fair of the Madonna della Neve in August. History Before […]


Ceva, an ancient medieval town, is built on the confluence of the Tanaro and Cevetta rivers. Typical are the porticos in the center of the town, decorated with balconies and vaults. Walking under these porticos you will arrive to Vittorio Emanuele II square and to the church of the Assumption. The town is dominated by […]