Relais Villa d'Amelia - Gourmet Restaurant

Villa d’Amelia – Gourmet Restaurant

Villa d’Amelia offers charming experiences for those seeking relaxation and gastronomic experiences among the Langa hills. The Michelin starred gourmet restaurant is headed by Chef Damiano Nigro from the region of Puglia

Cascina Bricchetto Langhe

Two charming houses in the Langhe where you can stay to “unwind” and regenerate body and spirit. Relaxation, nature and cooking classes to live the most authentic experiences of the area

Penta Dairy

Murazzano Penta

Murazzano Penta is a company in Murazzano that produces Murazzano DOP cheese and other typical cheeses from the Langhe. The ideal destination for families and the ample spaces available can accommodate large groups. Events and educational activities.

Cascina Masueria - Gianduja Spreadable Cream

Cascina Masueria

A small, family-run reality in the Alta Langa region where hazelnut cultivation offers genuine high quality products. The Gianduja and the Noir Fondente creams are an absolute must.

Bar Confort - Aperitif

Bar Confort

Bar Confort, located in the center of Feisoglio (CN) is a typical town bar in the Langa region, in a rustic style, frequented by the local townsfolk.
It can host groups of friends or small groups who wish to discover the tastes of Langa and its authentic living styles.

La Trava - Vineyards

La Trava

A family-run farming company in Mango with stopping off point for campers, visit to the vineyards, wine-tastings and direct sales in the winery. Large groups are welcome.

La Tribuleira

The visit to the company and the wine tasting sessions take place every day, including weekends, through bookings, and upon request, in English. The visit lasts roughly an hour and a half, but it can be adapted to the visitor’s requirements.

Alta Langa DOCG (Spumante)

History, interesting info and a detailed study of the DOCG. From Carlo Gancia to the Alta Langa Consortium; discovering the production specs and learning to recognize the characteristics of the Classic Method Spumante (Sparkling wine) from Piedmont.

The Friday market in Murazzano

There are 15 stalls at the Murazzano market (including a traveling butcher), while during summer there are many farmers who sell cheese, eggs, farmyard animals, honey and vegetables.

The Friday market in Cortemilia

The historic center of the little town of Cortemilia, whose origins date back to Roman times, has numerous medieval buildings and squares: a walk through its two districts offers numerous locations of artistic and environmental value.

Partisan pedaling #2: on bike from Murazzano to Clavesana

A bike tour where the Resistance took place. In this second 37 km stage you’ll reach the Partisan memorial monument of San Bernardo, where we’ll find a panoramic view of the Langhe Dogliani and a symbol of liberation.

Itinerary: Dogliani and the Alta Langa

Dogliani, an important town on the Rea stream, is strategically located between the hills of Barolo and the bottom of the Tanaro valley, and can be considered as one of the doors of the Alta (High) Langa, although it is not part of any mountain community.

Partisan Pedaling #1: on bike from Dogliani to Bonvicino

A bike tour among the places where the Resistance took place. 35 km that combine discovering the beauty of the area with the knowledge of local history, particularly during the difficult years of the Liberation.

Big Tour of Langhe: Bergolo – Cortemilia – Castino – San Bovo

From Bergolo’s town square, the route takes the provincial road which goes down to Cortemilia for 500 meters. At the first turn, the route is signed on the right and passed by the group of houses it goes on the crest of the hill.

Big tour of Langhe: Saliceto – Gottasecca – Prunetto – Levice – Bergolo

In Alta Langa, ancient routes cross the hills, going from town to town, from village to village. Following these paths is the perfect way to reach places of cultural and natural interest surrounded by the beautiful and wild landscapes of these lands.