Cioccomenta (Chocolate-Mint) Vegan Cake

Inspired by the legendary cheesecakes, that are quick and easy to prepare, here’s our vegan proposal, ideal as a summer dessert.

Duck Palmina (Anitra di Palmina)

Duck Palmina (Anitra di Palmina)

I tasted this dish the first time when I was about fifteen years old, prepared by a woman who, upon my insistence, made it countless other times; improving each time. And as a form of gratitude I named it after her.

Neapolitan Pastiera (cake)

Le leggende che narrano la “creazione” della pastiera sono molto affascinanti. Si narra che la sirena Partenope incantata dalla bellezza del Golfo di Napoli decise di stabilirsi li e deliziasse gli abitanti con il suo meraviglioso canto.

Rice with asparagus

Rice with asparagus

Ingredients 300 grams of rice a bunch of asparagus extra virgin olive oil shallot vegetable broth butter parmesan Procedure Wash and clean the asparagus, removing the woody part of the stalk, then separate the top of the asparagus from the green stalk and keep aside. Mince the shallot and fry with the oil in a […]

Bresaola Rolls

Bresaola Rolls

For the Bresaola rolls put in a bowl one tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of lemon juice and mix thoroughly with a fork.
Taste the mixture and adjust the flavor according to your personal taste, in case adding one or more of the three ingredients.

Rice in Piemontese way

Mince the onions and brown with rosemary in a copper pan in which you already melted the marrow. Add the tomatoes, tomato sauce and at last the rice, which must absorb all the seasoning. Add a glass of Dolcetto wine.

Minced pork meat

Filled veal poket

Ingredients one veal slice cut as a pocket 500 g minced pork meat 500 g minced cooked salami 2 hard-boiled eggs a handful of parsley and St.Peter’s herb a bit of mint, thyme and marjoran 2-3 garlic yolks a handful of grated parmesan salt Procedure Prepare the filling: mince the parsley, the St.Peter’s herb, the […]

Tartara dolce

Tartara dessert

Beat the egg yolks and the sugar with a whisk in a copper pan until they become whitish and the consistency is foamy. Add the hot milk flavored with a lemon peel and blend.

Chicken “hunter style”

Pollo alla cacciatora, or chicken cacciatore in English, is a simple dish that is popular in Langhe. The word cacciatore means “hunter,” and alla cacciatora means “hunter style.”

The Panna cotta

The Panna cotta

Put the cream and all the sugar in a saucepan, put the saucepan on the fire and stir until all the sugar has melted. Take off the fire.
Aside, melt the only two pieces of isinglass in a few tablespoons of milk and add them to the cream.

Gnocchi with tuna

Gnocchi with tuna

Boil the potatoes, peel them when they are still warm and sift. Make smooth dough with flour and an egg kneading with your hands; take small handfuls and continue kneading making small thin cylinders that you will cut.

Filled onions

Half cook the onions; and cut them in half taking the inside out. Prepare the filling on the side with minced roast, cooked salami, the inside of the onions you cooked beforehand, garlic, eggs, parsley.

Rabbit with peppers

Rabbit with sweet peppers

It is one of our favorite typical dishes and one of the most sought, just as the pollo alla cacciatora. It is simple to make and can be made in any season: rabbits can always be found on the farms.

The Caponet

Take some nice zucchini flowers and fill with: cooked meat, cooked salami, finely minced parsley and garlic; eggs and grated cheese.
Deep fry in oil and serve very hot. A new type of caponèt, another invention of our gastronomic panorama.