The Pope’s salami

E’ un dolce tradizionale che le massaie preparavano soprattutto d’inverno e che servivano agli ospiti del pomeriggio e della sera con un bicchierino di Moscatello ottenuto dai due o tre filari della vigna o di Marsala secco.

Neapolitan Pastiera (cake)

Le leggende che narrano la “creazione” della pastiera sono molto affascinanti. Si narra che la sirena Partenope incantata dalla bellezza del Golfo di Napoli decise di stabilirsi li e deliziasse gli abitanti con il suo meraviglioso canto.

Pasqualina pie

The queen at Easter and on Easter Monday picnics is undoubtedly the Pasqualina pie. The Pasqualina pie is a symbol of the Ligurian cuisine, especially around the Genoa area.


Stuffed eggs

Peel the hard-boiled eggs, cut in half lengthwise and separate the whites from the yolks.
Take them, put them in a bowl with the drained tuna, chopped anchovy fillets and chopped capers. Add a tablespoon of mayonnaise and mix together in order to have a soft and homogenous mixture.

Busìe (bugie)

Prepare a dough with the flour, one whole egg and a yolk, the sugar, white wine, yeast, lemon peel and the melted butter.
Knead and cut the dough in pieces, then make it two or three mm thick with a machine or a rolling pin.

Trout fillet with Barolo

Wash and dry with care the trout fillets. Dredge them slightly with flour and fry them with oil and butter on high fire.
Once they are cooked, take away from the pan the fried oil and butter remaining, add salt to the trout fillets and cover them with Barolo.

Soup of chick-peas and pork ribs

First of all, put the chick-peas in cold water with some sodium bicarbonate and leave them there one night. The day after, put them in a pot with three or four liters of water and let them cook.



Hot and tasty, is savored slowly , sitting or even just crouching , holding the big bowl , white or blue flowered more frequently , leaning on his knees. A bowl cost little money and offered a substantial nourishment.

Hazelnut cake

Ingredients one tablespoon of yeast three eggs 100 gr of butter 200 gr of wheat flour 150 gr of hazelnuts from the Langa region 200 gr of sugar one tablespoon of oil one cup of milk What to prepare a salad bowl a cake dish a spoon Procedure Take a tablespoon of yeast, add three […]

The toma

Up to a few years ago, it was an esclusive family and farm production, fundamentally similar in its soft firmness, having light variations in its flavor and in its light color according to the different seasons.

Spring green salade

Sarsèt with eggs, tuna and spring onions

It was necessary to take a breath, rest a bit and you could see the between the grapevines the newly born fresh and tender sarsèt. We used to fill our baskets and then take them home to be cleaned and washed in water.

Tuna paté

Ingredients 200 gr of tuna two anchovies 500 gr of butter parsley mayonnaise What to prepare a salad bowl a wooden spoon a sifter a rectangular metal mould Procedure Sift the tuna, the anchovies and the butter; work them until you obtain a thick mixture to shape and place in the refrigerator. Serve it in […]

Grive of the Langa region

This dish can be considered a typical product of the Langhe region cuisine of the seventeenth century, an époque characterized by great poverty in our countryside; it is evident that is a recovered dish, which substituted the one rich people used to eat.

Onion omelette

Clean four onions and slice; brown them in a pan with some oil. Beat six eggs, salt and add the browned onions and a handful of grated parmesan cheese pouring it into a pan where you previously put some oil.