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DOC Barbera d'Alba

February 8, 2011

(d.o.c. D.P.R. 27/05/1970)

Barbera resembles the personality of the Piedmontese people better than any other wine: rough, stubborn, strong, determined, persevering and silent.

Grown in the districts of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria, it has lately conquered the praise of many wine enthusiasts thanks to the application of new and innovative techniques in the cellar and vineyards.

The regulations impose that Barbera d’Alba offers the following characteristics when released for marketing.


Ruby red when young with tendency to garnet red after ageing.


Winey, intense, characteristic, delicate fragrance.


Dry with a good body, accented acidity and soft tannins; full and harmonious flavour after adequate ageing.

Minimum alcohol content by volume: 12%

Minimum total acidity: 4,5‰

Minimum dry extract: 23 g/litre.

When Barbera d’Alba has a minimum alcohol content by volume of 12.5% and one year’s ageing in barrels, it can bear the inscription “superiore” (i.e. superior) on the label.