Cisterna d’Asti: the castle and the arts and crafts museum

The castle of Cisterna, as we see it today, was built inthe seventeenth century, but before that it was a fortress, so solid and in such a strategic defensive position that it was called “the fortress of Piedmont”.

Very few castles have such solid and impressive protective walls, dating before 1400, as this one.

Perhaps the mane of the tows comes from the castle: in one of the salons there was once a very big tank (in Italian, “cisterna”), so deep that it occupied part of the cellars.

In the castle it’s today possible to visit the “Museum of the ancient arts and crafts”. Opened in 1980, it includes some ten thousand objects, from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. It’s a very interesting survey of the rural culture of Roero. Ancient farming carts, kitchens, recreations of ancient tailors’ shops, weighs and measures, dishes, toys, are all elements of a big collection, very well placed.

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